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Encouraging The New Author

Not a buyer in sight for your pile of your just published book?

How do I connect with the market for my book?

How do I connect with the market for my book?

Selling your first book is essential to your future success!

Let me describe the situation the new author may face, especially if they have just self-published their first book, but this also applies to books launched on Kindle, even to commercially sponsored first books.

Future success may very well depend on what the author does to market this first book.

Eventually the serious author will want to find a literary agent or agency to promote their future books. That raises the following questions they will be expected to answer truthfully: (1) Have you previously had a book published? (2) How many copies of that book have been sold? (3) What is the market for this book? (4) What books are similar to this book?

The newly published author can answer "Yes" to the first question. having just published, but now the marketing of that first book must provide a good answer for that second question of whether or not the author's first book sold enough copies to indicate the author has some talent, and even a potential audience for the follow-on book title.

As for the third and fourth questions, the author must have had potential readers in mind, at least for the finished second and succeeding books, and, unless totally unique in concept, some idea of a good selling book which resembles their own latest efforts.

Some vanity publishers of self-published books will charge for cover design, editing, printing, and even help market a book minimally or maximally, depending on what they judge is the potential market for the quality and the topic of the book.

Ultimately, however, what happens to a first time author's first book will depend on the marketing so many first time authors never imagined they would have to directly perform.

Here are some steps they should consider taking:

/1/ Have another author write a professional review of the book for the media that might be interested in the topic and the author.

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/2/ Directly contact all the author's own contacts that the book is in print and asking for their comments on it. (Why? They cannot comment, if they haven't read it, and they cannot read it unless they have access to a copy someone has purchased, bought, paid for!)

/3/ Consider participating in book fairs, meet-the-author sessions at all the local libraries, and other possible venues.

/4/ Think of all the people and groups that might be interested in your achievement as an author and the book's subject matter, and let them know what you have written to include schools, colleges, school classmates, business associates. etc.


/5/ Ask other authors, and read articles similar to this one, for more tips on how new titles are successfully marketed, including being sure every source that lists new titles is made aware of the book.

As writers and readers of Hub Pages, we can also do our part by encouraging new authors, and by sharing our own successful steps in promoting our published books, articles, and stories.

There already are other articles here on just this topic, so pass along your own favorites that have helped your own efforts, and for heaven's sake be positive about another writer's labor of love achievements.


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