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Employment termination letter sample for poor job attendance

This is an example of a termination letter because of poor attendance record. It takes an official notification format and different companies may have different preferred formats for this type of letter. The basic parts are the same because the person to whom the matter applies is identified and the sender is also identified. It also has a subject heading as shown. Many of the letters also have a signature section which the receiver has to sign as acknowledgement that they have received the letter whether or not they agree with its contents. You can modify and change it to fit your situation. Normally there would have been warning letters sent prior to this one being sent.

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TO: Julie Roberts Smith

FROM: Dean Aliens

DATE: January 10, 2001

SUBJECT: Notice of Termination of Employment for Poor Attendance

Over the past two years you have been counselled and warned many times regarding your poor attendance record. It was emphasized that you were not effectively doing your duties and responsibilities because of the poor record which you have failed to improve.

You were issued an initial warning in writing on March 23 explaining the importance of improving your attendance record, and on May 5, you received a second written warning for your failure to improve your attendance. On June 2, you were suspended for 7 days and you were advised that any further attendance issues or problems could result in the termination of your employment.

Unfortunately, since that time, your attendance has not improved and has remained unacceptable with several instances of absences and tardiness.

As we discussed in our meeting this afternoon, your poor attendance has adversely affected our department and the company. I therefore have no alternative but to terminate your employment with EboizTech effective immediately. Your last day of employment with EboizTech will be October 29.

cc: HR Administration.

Employee Signature
Acknowledge receipt and understanding (Not agreement)


Employment termination letter sample for poor job attendance

Employment termination letter sample for poor job attendance


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