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Embracing the New Mode of Learning With Positivity and Resiliency in This Pandemic Season, With Jesus

In new normal educational system, it is the flexibility of a person that enables him to learn at his own pace, as cited by some individuals.

Embracing the new way of learning means accepting the reality that our education system has been changed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Embracing this new mode of learning involves the so-called adapting and adjusting phases. In fact, a distant learning is the new platform set by the Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education to make education possible despite COVID-19 pandemic. Even though, in the beginning, there was a sudden decreased on the list of students who enrolled in different year levels due to the fact that everyone didn't had the same life's privileges, yet education continues and conquers pandemic situation and crisis.

It has been reported that there were some incidents that students had been stressed, burn-out, and frustrated to this new mode of learning that resulted to suicide or suicidal attempts. What factors triggered them to? Academically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - they were not merely prepared, and their struggles has been triggered when their teachers gave them an ample of tasks and activities to comply without prioritizing their mental health. Also, without even thinking that everyone is still in the adjustment phases. Without considering that they were not only the teacher who were giving tasks and activities. Without thinking that students are still learning and aren't as knowledgeable and mentally capable as them. On the other note, incidents were happening like these because they were not embracing this new mode of learning with positivity and resiliency, indeed.

We are in a new normal world. We can't go back as of the moment to the good old days and to the educational system we used to. Thus, let's all face it with optimism and resiliency as these are our real qualities as real Filipino.

As we await to the healing of our land, let us learn to accept the situation we are having right now. Let us be reminded that we are not battling alone. God is with us. Sooner, we will be shouting with joy, and welcoming back our education system we used to in God's perfect time. The face-to-face classes won't be limited at all, no more distant learning, no more face masks to be worn, soon. Just keep on learning. It'll be worth it soon.

We will be healed, in God's perfect timing. Let us all submit our worries to Him, obey His will, and to Trust Him at all times. In His time, all things will be beautiful. In His perfect time and permission, He will make it happen. Hold on, Brethren, this shall too pass.

When the Time Is Right,
I, the Lord Will Make It Happen ( Isaiah 60:22 ).

© 2022 Garlie Repal

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