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Effect of Psychology in Your Life

Ian is a teacher, a writer, and a great explorer. He like writing about past events.

An illustration of human brain (brain is the most psychologically affected organ)

An illustration of human brain (brain is the most psychologically affected organ)

Opening Statement

Psychology has impacted my life in several ways, my way of thinking, and my way of doing things; it has also affected how I relate with others. Psychology has also impacted my life in decision making. The following are some of ways that I feel psychology has impacted my life.

Smoke boy

Smoke boy

Help in Controlling Undesirable Behaviors

I have used psychology to make decisions. For instance, I have friends who have continuously smoked cigarettes; I have tried not to avoid them but avoid tobacco. These are people who are strongly addicted to smoking; therefore, talking to them has not helped in stopping them from smoking; however, since they are my childhood friends, they would always pay me visits, hang out together, and talk, but I would always employ psychology to play around with their minds so that they can understand why I cannot smoke.

For instance, I would always ask we have some excellent time playing; this way, they would not have time to smoke. Therefore, I would be sure that I would not be affected by the smoke from their cigarettes. This means that psychology has impacted me in making decisions about avoiding my friends but keeping them, also preventing them from smoking when we are together.

Finance Management

Another way that psychology has impacted my life is how to manage my finances; psychologists Daniel and Amos Tversky conducted several types of research on how people can contain risks during decision-making, which has helped me manage my money psychologically.

According to Brennan (2017), "there has been subsequent research in managing uncertainty and decision-making, known as 'behavioral economics.'" This has resulted in some key findings which can help one in managing his/her finances properly. One of the studies found that people can employ their psychological knowledge to manage their finances.

These strategies have enabled individuals to triple their savings by avoiding procrastination and starting the investments immediately and becoming aware of personal biases resulting from wastage of cash. This psychological approach to savings has impacted my life since I can account for everything I earn daily. I have learned how to budget appropriately and save for my future. This is as a result of psychology.

Academic Success

Psychology has also helped me succeed academically. Psychological studies on the outcome of frequent quizzes, midterm examinations, or final examinations have shown that these tests help students remember what they have learned in the classroom.

Bajaj (2016) found that testing students regularly may help them have a better memory retention capacity than studying. Students that are tested regularly can recall 70% of what they have been tested on; however, those who relied only on studying recalled only 45% of what they studied.

This information has helped me to assess myself frequently after every topic of study; this has dramatically improved my memory when it comes to learning. Therefore, I can recall many things than when I just used to study without regular self-tests.

Mental health

Mental health

Task Performance

Psychology has made me a more productive person. For instance, psychology has taught me that it can cause severe impairment in one's speed of performing certain functions; it impairs accuracy and reduces productivity.

Psychology has made me avoid complex and dangerous tasks and instead of focusing on a mission; this has enabled me to eliminate distractions while performing a specific task. For instance, I realized that I could not study while listening to music because it would distract my understanding and speed of learning; therefore, psychology has helped me avoid noisy environments while reading. My experience has improved. Also, my studying speed has risen, and my focus on studying is accurate. (Berglund, 2016)


I would conclude by saying that psychology has played a significant role in my life. Psychology has changed my life all around. This is explained above.


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