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Easy to Make Handmade Gifts


Handmade Gifts

It is always nice to give somebody a gift for a birthday, Christmas, to say thank you or sorry or just for the sake of giving somebody a gift. Even better than just going out to buy a gift wouldn`t it be lovely to make their gift yourself. That way you are giving them something unique and you are also giving them the time that you spent making it for them. Maybe you would not know where to start with making gifts for people because perhaps you are not a crafty person. Well, this is when this book will come in handy for you.

Handmade Gifts is a lovely hardback book full of lovely ideas of gifts for you to make.

The Gifts

The book consists of 70 gift ideas including

  • Gifts for the home
  • Jewellery
  • Bags
  • Soaps
  • Gifts for pets
  • Edible gifts

The Instructions

This is a good book for experienced crafters and people who have never made anything before in their life because each project in this book comes with some very clear and easy to follow instructions. At the start of each project there is a list of products and tools that you will need to make your chosen gift. Then you are given the method , very similar to a cookery book, with written instructions and some good clear photos of somebody making the chosen gift. These photos take you through every step of the instructions .

Learn new skills

Handmade Gifts is also a good book for people who would like to learn new crafting skills. The way they tell you how to make the gifts is probably very similar to the sort of instructions you would get if you went on a course to learn the skill. Learning from the book is better in some ways than going on a course because it is not so expensive and you can learn in your own time by yourself without even leaving your own home.

However some of the projects do need some level of experience , like for example , some of the needlework projects need you to be able to use a sewing machine.

The skills

The skills that can be learned from this book (if you did not have them already) include

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  • Needlework
  • Soap making
  • Candle making
  • Cooking
  • Jewellery making


Some of the designs in the book do look very professional and I did wonder if they would be difficult for less experienced crafters to create. I need not have worried because one of the last chapters is full of templates of all the designs used by the authors. These templates have been drawn out in black ink on a white background so that they can be cut out and used as a pattern. It does state that each one would have to be photocopied and enlarged.

My opinion of this book

Nowadays people are getting into crafting and making things for themselves and although this book was published a few years ago now, 2013, I think it is still relevant today. It covers a variety of different ideas so there is something for everyone. The projects have been tried and tested by the people who wrote the book. These consist of several different authors who each specialise in their own skill. There is a list of the people who contributed to Handmade Gifts at the back of the book.

My Rating

5 Star rating

I gave Handmade Gifts a five star rating because it really is a lovely book. The step by step instructions are well laid out in the form of photographs and the well described instructions make each gift look easy to make.

Homemade Gifts

Something missing

My only criticism of this book is that they do not include a directory listing shops and suppliers . Many of the gifts need some very specialised products and tools to be able to make them. These are not everyday items that you can find in the supermarket or local high street, so I would imagine that they would have to be ordered from specialist shops or websites.

So more research would have to be done by the reader before even starting some of the projects. This will be easy to do by searching the internet for whatever is needed.


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