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Earth Born & Heaven Sent! Chapter One

Some loves are not meant to make sense to anyone but the two people with which their souls connected!



I knew I was supposed to stay away from her. She was 'Earth Born' and I 'Heaven Sent', or at least I used to be. I willingly chose to follow Lucifer when he was cast out of Heaven. I am neither Angel nor Demon, but a mix of both. I was not born to God or the mother Goddess, I was created. Just like not all the Demons were born from Lillith, but to have been gifted to her by God himself. That is one of the reasons I chose to fall. Even though I grew up to the customs of the Angels, I never felt like one of them. The Angels that were born only see the world in black and white, where I see the world in very vivid colors. My job was to observe Selene, but whereas another Angel would have just followed orders and moved onto their next task I found it hard to just move onto the next Earth Born. There was something about Selene that kept drawing me back to her. For years I had observed her, had become accustomed to her habits. Each time that I was near her made it a little more harder to leave. She was unaware of my presence of course seeing as how no Earth Born could see us unless we let our facades fall. Even then an Angel very rarely has ever shown their true selves. I've never once thought about giving up my wings, that is until the first time I laid eyes on her. Interaction between Earth Born's and Heaven Sent was strictly forbidden because God feared the mingling of the species, and yet he himself had mixed the species hence creating the Angels and Demons. So in my eyes he doomed us all to intermingle between the species. God's sense of morals were always in black and white. He wanted us to believe in eternal damnation if it were to come about. But since I have fallen and no longer feel the need to protect my fallen soul, I see no more reason to stay away from her. The fall was a painful one. The agony of my wings being torn from my back, to watch as the white feathers fell from my body only to disintegrate into dust was both painful to watch but it had also felt freeing. Little did I know that once I landed on Earth, that I would have wings again. The only difference was instead of the luminescent white, I was awarded with black of the darkest night. The powers that I had been created with had become demented, no more the pureness that I once held within myself.

Once we had fallen, every Angel or Halfling as I like to call myself had dispersed to make it harder to be tracked. Lucifer ran off to Los Angeles, while the rest of us were left to our own devices. I knew not my destination, but I knew the pull I was feeling was drawing me towards her. No matter anywhere in the world, I would always be able to find her. I took an uneven breath, and slowly unfurled my wings. Waiting for the agony to come, but I was met with a comfortable familiarity. I took to the skies, and relinquished in the peace of flying once more. When I was falling I had never thought I would ever feel the winds beneath my wings again. But to me it was worth it, or so I had thought. I guess in a way i'm selfish. I would have resented losing my wings, but I also knew that in order to be near her I needed to fall from his grace.

What had taken hours had only felt like minutes to go to her. I found her out at the dock sitting in comfortable silence watching the water slap against the shore. Watching her from the sky, it was a breathtaking sight to see. Watching the wind sway through her auburn locks, seeing the serenity on her face. I've been watching over her for years, and yet I've never been this close to her, let alone on the same plane as her. Being this close to her, without her being able to see me is an excruciating feeling. I want to be a part of her life, but I also know the implications if I get close to her. Watching her became my favorite past time. I just didn't know how to let her in, or how to let her see the real me. Watching her for a few moments more, I made a decision. One way or another I was going to find a way to have her in my life. First things first I need to find a home base since Earth has now become home to all Fallen.

I flew for hours trying to find somewhere to make my own. I finally came across a hidden cave dwelling that looked promising. I set straight to work on making the cave feel more like home. Hours later and the cave was finally starting to feel like my own. Come morning and I will be finding a way to have her in my life.

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BleedingHeart (author) from Georgia on January 20, 2021:

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I've read a lot of stories of fallen angels falling in love with mortals, even Nephilim. The story plots had always intrigued me.

Yes I am a fan of Lucifer. I have watched all five seasons, and I am currently waiting for the next season to come out all though they are talking about the actor that plays Lucifer might not be returning in the next season which saddens me deeply.

Hope to write the next chapter soon.


DW Davis from Eastern NC on January 20, 2021:

You have tackled an interesting subject, the mingling of the divine and mortal. I enjoyed how you established the fixation the fallen angel has on the girl.

I must ask, are you a fan of the show, Lucifer?

Looking forward to the next chapter.


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