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Dweller of the Depths

Your love awakens in me a war of longings

So no matter how many loved ones I belong, and I loved you from the depths

I miss your fingers because I am in a state of love and longing

And when your soul embraces my soul, armies of love arise in the depths

I lived in the world of longings, and I loved me with a love that is different from all lovers

You dwelt in my heart and your love permeated my sentiments and formed my being

Your love sparkles the darkness of my days, and my smile erases the pain of my sorrows

Life without you lacks life, and I found myself and salvation in your love

Love becomes life you and you, my darling life

The sun of your love in my depths does not set, it has neither sunset nor setting

Your love made me smell roses and perfume from inside me

Sincere is my longing, your love is a row, and your spirit dictates my close

Wafi you are in your love and there is no like you in loyalty O Aghli Habib

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Life's wounds were healed with love and longing that inhabits the depths

I filled my life with love and grace and made it a bouquet of longings

When the heart sings, it fills the world with the melody of love, singing the most beautiful words

The single plays the tunes of longing and nostalgia and awakens my love with sweet phrases

Dry heart does not benefit him rain, your love is to quench the heart

Your love is the warmth of the heart and the note that plays the chord

Where do I hide your love and its scent, it overflows with all my being

My life is your love and death in separation and your embrace is my address

So my heart wants to tell you that it adores you, my love, from the depths

Your love dwells in the depths, and you have all longings


© 2021 Sameh Fikry

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