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Dracula (A Horror Character)

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Dracula Came, Brought Death

Dracula is a fictional character but there is hardly any corner in the world where no one knows him. 'Dracula' - a synonym for the word terror. Dracula began to spread fear in youths and children as well. It became so popular among children that Dracula starts stealing children for his blood. It's comics became highly popular and hence it started to very read all over the world.

Its name come very much on the face of the children. Different publications in the world of comics have presented this very well. Like see you soon with the sequel to Dracula -

Dracula came brought death.

Dracula could not die.

The Irish writer of the year 1897, 'Brain Stroker', created Dracula, a ghostly fictional character. With this character at the centre, he wrote hundreds of novels. Dracula was presented in a vampire that depended on human blood. Since Dracula is a copyright free character. Therefore, many writers gave their own stories through Nobles, comics, films, TVs and theatres.

The fascinating article brought back all the memories of childhood, Each had read 95% of all the Raj and Diamond comics and the memories of all those comics are still fresh, and it was the 90's Era. Time is very much now All kinds of entertainment is flying fast at our fingertips, but I still miss those golden comics Era, those fresh paper fragrances, beautiful drawing, handwriting and Dracula's series in all publications.

Let's know about Dracula in the world of comics in India.

1. Diamond Comics -

Diamond comics depict Dracula from Lambu - Motu, Inspector Uncle, Rishi Bhuvan. While Raka was the king of criminals, Dracula was the Emperor in awe, Diamond Comics has made a few publications on Dracula. Like -

Dracula's confrontation with Lambu Motu

Lambu - Motu and the Dracula of Hell.

2. Raj Comics -

While Raj Comics used to publish stories on Nagraj, the best series of Raj comics on the Dracula series were published very well. It is published in some way -

Attack of Dracula.

Nagaraj and Dracula.

End of Dracula

3. Manoj Comics-

The same 'Manoj Comics' created a dimension in Dracula's most successful comics series. Following were some comics in its series-

Ghost palace

Then came Dracula

Dracula came Brought Death

Dracula's Return.




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