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Down in the Valley: A Man and His Dog Against the Scary Unknown

Down in The Valley by Joe Hart

Down in The Valley by Joe Hart

Recently I have been reading a lot of Joe Hart and I’ve been liking what I have been reading so far. And because I’ve been continuing to read it. And just recently I read a short story called Down in The Valley and here is my review.

What is it about? It follows Dave and his trusty German Shepard Zeb. He took the job as a wildland fire fighter / park ranger look out. It’s a job where he feels at home preventing forest fires and help find hikers who become lost. Then one day a girl disappears, and much to everyone’s dismay after searching for days, she’s nowhere to be found. Then a fellow firefighter vanishes right after and once again, after so much searching, he is never found.

Dave is dismayed. The losses are tragic and he grows uncomfortable as he feels like a failure. But then he begins to hear tall tales. He does some research, feels that there is something spooky in the valley below his watch tower. And soon his suspicions are confirmed.

The good. This is a very meaty short story or should I say novella. Dave and his buddy Zeb are wonderful. And I love how toward the end as all this crazy is happening, it is essentially a great tale about a man and his dog. I kind of like how that became the heart of it, because who wouldn’t try to save their beloved pet from a deep dark evil. Also, when it is revealed what is in the woods is both very Lovecratian and campy. It’s a fun over the top horror. Also, the detail is great as well.

The bad? It’s not scary. If you are looking for something spooky, this is not it. It’s a bit over the top to be scary at all. Also Zeb does get injured. So there's the warning to all of you dog lovers.

Overall, even though this was a great story, it’s quite campy and over the top by the time the end came along, but I feel the story is very good. The leads of Zeb and Dave are great. This is just a real fun tale, and it is worth checking out.

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4 smoothies out of five.

Overall Rating: A Man and His Dog Against the Scary Unknown.


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