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Double Masking Isn't Enough


Masks may be the only thing beyond a vaccine that will save anyone from covid. But ever since Fauci said to wear two masks we've realized that this was the most updated science ever.

But now we have to wonder: is two masks enough? No, it's not.

Two masks seems to make sense but we can still breath through the masks. That means that the virus can still escape. We are putting others at risk for an illness we probably don't have. So also include a face shield along with the double mask.

Gloves will help. But still. We used our bare hands to put the gloves on. That means the virus is on the gloves!!! That means that everything we touch will spread covid. We need to do more.

Using an antibacterial spray will kill any bacteria we're come into contact with. Even though it won't protect us from viruses it makes us feel better.

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That desparate desire to prove to others that you care isn't coming from a feeling of guilt that you haven't been a good person or at least a respectable person. That doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that other people think that you care. And the best way to show that is by covering yourself up from head to toe

Garbage bags can act like a glove for the entire body! Cut three holes, one for the head and two for the arms. Presto! A body condom! Not only will you be safer but everyone will view your garbage bag getup as a superhero uniform. Just add a shower curtain as a cape and you've become the legendary "sanitary person" (to be gender neutral you bigot!)

You'll need to wrap plastic bags around your feet. These you can get from the store for free when you go shopping. Use duct tape so that they stay on your shoes the entire time you're outside.

Before you leave your house be sure to bath in your outside gear in a bathtub full of anti-bactieral liquid. That way you can be sure that you won't leave the house with any kind of virus on your supersuit.

Carry a can of spray so that you can spray anyone that comes in your vicninty. Don't worry about people's allergies to these sprays, it's a pandemic!!! All alergies are cancelled. That means if someone sneezes they have covid! Run and make sure to scream whenever somneone sneezes and give them very dirty looks like they just spit in a child's face. That'll teach them to sneeze in public!

So double masking isn't enough but treating other \s badly and covering yourself completly with plastic and disinfectant w2ill not only make other think you care, it'll empoweer you with a false sense of morality.

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