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Poem: Don't hate the Mirror

Mohan is a family physician, film and TV aficionado, a keen bibliophile and an eclectic scribbler.


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

Relationships aren't easy. At one hand we want honesty and truth and yet at the other we may end up hating those who tell that very truth we crave for.

The people who know us the most also know our true emotions, behaviours and foibles. They are close enough to know our inner demons and angels.

But don't we some times get angry, upset and annoyed at that very person who can show us the truth, tell us as it is and reflect our behaviours back to us?

We want our mirrors to be honest and show our true reflections but yet we may secretly want it to show us in good light and perhaps lie a little.

We say we want truth, someone who can tell us when we do wrong. But may not always like those close to us who do that out of love.It is hard to cope with those who can see us for what we are.

Even if that someone is ourselves!

Is it fair to hate the mirror for telling us the truth?

This poem sprung out of this observation... Hope you like it.

For I try to tell the truth here!


Don't Hate the Mirror

There are times I have to show

I am a friend and not your foe

Emotions may hit the low

And actions that stop the flow

Just don't hate the mirror

For showing the errors

Don't fight the hands

That hold you when you fall

When I give you my all....

These are lies that hurt us so

Do you have to tell me more

I just seem to always know

Does this have to be a tale of woe

Just don't hate the mirror

For showing the errors

Don't fight the hands

That hold you when you fall

When I give you my all....

For love to thrive and grow

Honesty is the plough

Hardened earth needs a furrow

In your heart but not your brow

Just don't hate the mirror

For showing the errors

Don't fight the hands

That hold you when you fall

When I give you my all....

There are times I have to show

That my love will always glow

Reflections may hurt you so

But look hard and you will know...

Just don't hate the mirror

For showing the errors

Don't fight the hands

That hold you when you fall

When I give you my all....

Mohan Kumar


© 2011 Mohan Kumar


Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on March 19, 2013:

Doc, sometimes we need to look into the mirror to remind us of ourselves and see what others see. If we see a person we're not pleased with, it's time for reflection and change!

Beautiful Garbage from Louisiana on January 10, 2013:

I'm returning as well... Sometimes, we look into the mirror so much that all it shows is those errors...sometimes we just need people to remember the good things more than the bad... and it seems they never do. You can do a million good things, do one bad and that's what people remember.

Daisy Mariposa from Orange County (Southern California) on January 08, 2013:

Mohan (Docmo),

I've returned to read your insightful poem again. I'm going to share it with a poetry group I recently joined.

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on August 18, 2012:

coffeegginmyrice - I am glad you liked the poem and the message. I wanted to convey the feeling I've had when people hate those who try to tell them the truth while loving those who ply them with falsehood. Like the mirror that is tells it as it is ... thank you for your comments.

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on August 18, 2012:

Mollymeadows- thank you so much for your wonderful comment! What a great proverb. One to remember.

Shalini- I'm pleased you enjoyed this poem. thank you!

Marites Mabugat-Simbajon from Toronto, Ontario on June 23, 2012:

Hi Mohan! This is beautiful and true enough, we tend to get upset, hurt and sometimes hate for the truth thrown at us or anything true that reflects back to us. It's merely hard to accept at times when we think only of ourselves and that we think we were right, that the other person's thoughts and advice do not matter. Mirror mirror on the wall, just poke my forehead so I don't fall. A mirror doesn't lie. It is omniscient. We are the ones who change and to others who act as mirrors do tell us the change we are in.

Your poem is beautiful. It tells us to admire "the mirror(s)" in our lives. The reflection(s) that examines not just on our surface but deeper.

shalini sharan from Delhi on June 23, 2012:

this poem is really deep and insightful

it would leave readers thinking about it for long

great going

Mary Strain from The Shire on June 23, 2012:

Docmo, this is a lovely and insightful poem.

It reminds me of a proverb that runs, "Correct fools, and they'll snarl at you; correct the wise and they'll add to their learning. They'll love you for it."

Of course, it's not easy to either tell (or hear) the truth. At lot depends, as others have noted, on how it is spoken.

Up and beautiful...

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 23, 2012:

Thank you cloudexplorer- i'm glad you're digging this. Duality is what makes like- dark and light, love and hate, passion and apathy.. you're right my friend. thanks for visiting.

Mike Pugh from New York City on June 23, 2012:

I'm diggin this hub here, your poetry is deep indeed, and filled with feealings, and compassion for others.

Love is definitely something that has a compelling duality to it, on one hand you feel good about your relations between others, and on the other you feel mighty empty, or hurt when the tides change on the love you had once held dear to you.

Beautiful poem, voted up and out!

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 20, 2012:

As I say in my profile the sheer pleasure of writing is finding readers who 'get' you. That connection we make through writing is such a wonderful thing. I am delighted you 'get' this. As you say looking at the mirror ( reflection) is the best route to positive changes !

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 20, 2012:

rasta- appreciate your visit and comments. I agree.

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 20, 2012:

Nithya- I am always delighted I can write pieces that make people think as well as poetry that makes people feel! what more can a writer ask for. Thank you so much.

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 20, 2012:

Ruchira- you are right- we want the mirrors to show us at our best- and not always like it as it shows the truth. Perhaps it is better then to present to the mirror what we want to see in return!

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 20, 2012:

bishopdown- much appreciated!

Dana Strang from Ohio on June 20, 2012:

Beautiful. Very insightful. It takes a strong person not ot hate the mirror. Those that know us the best and are closest to us unfurtunaltely are the ones that can hurt us the most. It is also those times that afford us the biggest opportunities for change and growth.

Marvin Parke from Jamaica on June 20, 2012:

Very nice reflection of the truth. People know the truth but refuse to believe.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on June 19, 2012:

Great poem, made me think. Life's true reflections painted beautifully in your poem. Voted up.

Ruchira from United States on June 19, 2012:

We all love mirrors and want them to show what we want to see but unfortunately the mirror always tells the truth so, gotta learn the hard facts and should learn to move on...

intriguing poem, mohan!

voted up indeed!

Bishopdown from Tampa, Florida on June 05, 2012:

I really enjoyed your makes me think of who I am and where I may end up. It gives me thought and purpose.

Great poem!

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 05, 2012:

Daisy- yes- deeper , looking into the soul - when some who are closest to us try to help or give feedback we don't always relish this and hate the very mirror that shows our reflection. I m glad you like this.

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 05, 2012:

@ poetic fool: thank you for your comments and wise words- its never easy to listen to words of wisdom! As we know we end ip rowing with those closest to us.

Daisy Mariposa from Orange County (Southern California) on June 04, 2012:

Mohan (Docmo),

I'm not reading about a superficial mirror in your words, a mirror from which images appear on a thin surface.

I see a much deeper image, a look into one's soul. There is much wisdom in what you wrote...not just in your words, but in each individual's interpretation and personalizing of those words.

Poetic Fool on June 04, 2012:

Docmo, there is a lot of wisdom in your words. It is difficult to hear the truth, even if, sometimes especially if, it comes from those closest to us. Your poem urging us not to hate the mirror is much needed advice. Wonderful message, wonderfully written!

Woolie from East Coast Canada on July 07, 2011:

Ah... a catch 22 of the seeking soul.... to have someone to make us whole... to ground us when the time comes, to not blow smoke when we need it the open our hearts and minds, in such a way that we still like ourselves.

Well written.... very in the moment for me.... thanks for putting perspective on me.....

Erica Sanchez from California on June 21, 2011:

Awwwww, The mirror what we see is it what we really get??? Hmmmm, not sure! Very great poem and thoughts included. Great hub Voted up and useful!!

smiles :)


Amy Becherer from St. Louis, MO on June 21, 2011:

We seek the mirror, but reject its facts. Self-deception, glossing over the truth, accentuate the positive and cover the rest with concealer. When I was young, I hated the mirror because I thought I just couldn't make the grade. Now, I look back at photos and I wonder what I despised. Now, I hate the mirror for not enjoying the reflection it once gave me, but didn't see. The reality now is my eyesight has changed and the "blurry" face I see looks pretty damn good...the great equalizer. Where youth had 20/20 vision, but looked with over-critical sharpness, now mature eyes soften the reality of the years. Beautifully written and accompanied with a great video. It makes me curious, Docmo, what inspired this masterfully accomplished observation?

Beautiful Garbage from Louisiana on June 07, 2011:

You make a good point, I really like that song and video.

Fay Paxton on June 07, 2011:

Your talent knows no bounds. What a wonderful and insightful poem. up and awesome

Tricia Mason from The English Midlands on June 06, 2011:

Great poem on an interesting theme :)

Very good.

Poetry seems to talk to a special part of our brains, I think.

K.A.E Grove from Australia on June 05, 2011:

insightful poem, sharing it on and voting it up.

Mimi721wis on June 05, 2011:

I have blamed the mirror for what seemed to be an extra pound or two. The mirror shows the truth. It's up to me to accept it.

Kathi Mirto from Fennville on June 05, 2011:

Oh Docmo, your poetic side is so thoughtful and introspective. Just beautiful!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 05, 2011:

Beautiful poem. The mirror shows the truth.

Christina Lornemark from Sweden on June 05, 2011:

A thought-provoking poem and also beautiful! I think we need to surround us with many different mirrors since we have many roles in our life and we are also a bit different depending on who is holding the mirror. Thanks for this awesome poem!


Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 04, 2011:

@avorodisa- thank you very much - appreciate your visit and comments!

@Just Ask Susan - thank you kindly!

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on June 04, 2011:

Doc This is beautiful!

Anna Sidorova from Russia on June 04, 2011:

I really like this poem. The idea is very profound yet simple. Truth is truth, whatever you feel about it.

Mohan Kumar (author) from UK on June 04, 2011:

@ Ruby - Thanks for stopping by. yes the mirror we love to hate and hate to love!

@ sofs - maybe you should peek a look sofs, you will be pleasantly surprised! Thanks for the read.

@ Sunnie Day - I think the mirror does show the young, beautiful and vibrant soul - it's the eyes that see something else!

@ Martie- you are right, the image interpretation is subjective. Reflective the glorious, the sublime and the happy moments is the true joy of life.

@ cardelean - Thank you. I am glad you got what I was trying to say. sometimes reflection and the itinerant change is tough but vital to our growth.

@Jo - Goldsmith- aww, bless you. I am glad you like it. Thank you!

@drbj- you are a wise Jedi. We want honesty but we also want tact, discretion and a gift- wrapping of true love around the truths. Thank you.

drbj and sherry from south Florida on June 04, 2011:

There is absolute honesty, Docmo, and there is truth related with tact and discretion. We may ask for the former but in reality we want the latter. That IS the truth.

Jo_Goldsmith11 on June 04, 2011:

Once again, a beautifully written and breathtaking hub. This poem is excellent! Will definitely up!


cardelean from Michigan on June 04, 2011:

Beautiful poem. It is always tough to be self reflective, but an important step in personal growth. Nice job.

Martie Coetser from South Africa on June 04, 2011:

Mirrors are in nature subjective and seldom reflect what we would like to see. Therefore we cherish those wonderful, happy moments when we look hard and see the glow of true love and appreciation.

Sunnie Day on June 04, 2011:

I think the mirror lies as there is someone staring back at me that I don't know..for in my heart she is much younger..and this older woman keeps showing up..I sure would like to know who invited her to my

Thanks Docmo...I loved your poem


Sophie on June 03, 2011:

mmm... happens more as you age.. I don't hate it.. i just refuse to look into it :) LOL.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on June 03, 2011:

Aha, That dreadful mirror that's so unkind. Intriguing poetry. Thank you.

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