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Dogs: The Greatest Companion

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Pepsy is her name, she loves to cuddle. She loves chicken so much and wanted to be on my lap. She always makes me happy, with her tail wagging at me. Indeed, dogs are man's best friend.

DOGS stands for...

D- dogs are

O- our

G- greatest

S- supplier

Now, you may ask. Why supplier? Because they supply or provide us love, assurance, warmth, care and their wonderful comfort for us.

They are our friends. They have been our source of laughter. They sometimes makes us angry but their love is pure. They are also known as our greatest companion.

Dogs can lessen our loneliness. Once the dogs are with us, we smile instantly. Because they are the reason for it all. They are our happy pill in always. Dogs does not need anything, all they need is someone who will take good care of them.

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Dogs are a source of companionship. When we feel sad, having anxiety they are the ones who can make our day bright. In life we are not always happy, there are gloomy times. They have been our constant companion. They will never leave us nor forsake us. They are our family, others may find them as their life. Indeed, dogs are the best companion everyone could have.

"Everything I know I learned from dogs" -Nora Roberts.

This quote says it all, it is indeed true. We know something great because of dogs. Sometimes, we may tend to tell that dogs can be our greatest teacher.

Dogs are really an angel sent from God. They are the ones who can be our savior, our friend, our lover, our partner in life and forever be our companion. When times are dark, they are the specific life saver that everyone may love to have.

Friends, get your own dog! Love, take good care of them, always make them feel they belong not just their owners but be their family. Dogs are really our companion, forever be our constant.

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