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Do you want to join my coaching session?


Do you want to join my coaching session?


I am Vathani Ariyam, the author of the eBook “My home-based coaching business” I wrote this eBook intending to help people who like to use one-on-one coaching to learn new things from the comfort of their homes. Also, meet with the coach and learn everything on a personal basis.

Here you will learn about the business setting up and an accounting system to prevent your business from failing.

Many entrepreneurs fail mainly due to a lack of accounting knowledge; they do not either learn or get help from professionals to implement a proper system to maintain control in the business. Let me tell you about myself briefly, I am a freelance accountant who worked in the accounting industry for a long time and then decided to go into internet marketing in 2016. Now I write online courses, eBooks, books, and some accounting work for my clients. Besides, I used to teach maths to many school children, and I also liked it because the kids who learned from me liked it.

I set up accounting systems for many small businesses in the accounting industry and helped the workers follow it up. Therefore, I am sure I will be an excellent coach to help you learn what you prefer to transform yourself.

My coaching objectives will be:

eBooks writing

I have written 110 eBooks and enjoy doing that; therefore, I am ready to help you.

I will show you how to start writing an eBook; you need to have a passion for writing, and if you are an expert in something, you can begin to write about it. But whatever you write needs to ensure that your niche is marketable; if not, you will be wasting your time.

Creating an online course

Currently, there is a massive demand for online courses because it helps people learn from anywhere helps people who cannot go out to learn, busy people, and it is cheaper than going to a college to learn. I have created 40 online courses with excellent course content, videos for each lecture, visuals, quizzes, and infographics. So, I am ready to help you learn about creating an online system.



You will mainly learn about setting up a cash flow and budgeting as it is vital for anyone who wants to set up a business. I am also a business plan writer; the help will give you support if you need it.

Therefore, my program will work towards your needs, and if you want to learn to write an eBook, you can join me or learn to create an online course. I will help you become knowledgeable about the subject you are interested in from all that I have mentioned here.

Further, I will use the PowerPoint illustration to help you understand more in the form of slideshows.

We can decide the frequency of the sessions and how that will help you become a better knowledgeable person in the field you want to learn.

You can discuss with me before the session how and what you would like to learn from me. Further, I plan to offer a couple of free coaching lessons to encourage people to find out the worthiness of this program.

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I will be starting a coaching session shortly with Teachable, which allows you to create online courses, upload them, and provide your coaching services through them as an online course platform. The topic will be business coaching.

I create online courses and upload some of my online business courses at Teachable and most at Udemy; I also provide my coaching sessions. I have been an experienced accountant and a business adviser for a long time; besides, I write eBooks and books and publish them on Amazon. So, I am confident in developing the skills you need to the level you need, and I am convinced that you will gain enough knowledge from my coaching sessions.

The topic is Business & Accounts.

  • What you will learn today at this session
  • Common mistakes made by entrepreneurs.
  • The importance of cash flow & Budget.
  • Does profit prove the performance of a business?
  • Organize a suitable system for a business.

Then how to create info products like an eBook and online course. I will take you through the step-by-step to help you become confident in your writing skills and then use that to start writing either an eBook or an online course.

I am doing the coaching on the internet, which will not stop you from learning what you need to know. But if you have any issues, you can contact me to find the solution for them, and I will walk you through to understand the concept of the issues that the entrepreneurs could face in their entrepreneurial journey.

You will have a Q & A at the end of the session.

Turn your experience into a coaching business.

Life coaches and motivational speakers earn their income by sharing their experiences and motivating people to turn their lives around for the better. It might be your calling if you are a woman to whom friends and families turn for advice.

We all learn from our experiences and need daily inspiration to improve ourselves. You can become a life coach in various fields if you have unlocked answers through your experience. The key here is to help people to tackle their issues by talking about your experiences and what you did to overcome certain situations. If you are a great speaker with a commanding presence, try turning this into a side business.

My experience

I am the founder of Sat Business Academy, employed as an accountant for a long time; then, in 2014, I went into internet marketing and started with affiliate marketing.

I worked in the accounts field for a long time, where I helped many clients learn about accounting and implement accounting systems in their business.

Therefore, I used to help my clients by offering business advice, writing business plans, and cash flow work. Then I teach students and help them to understand accounting principles.

I have written one hundred and ten eBooks, six books, and forty online courses; accounting, business, self-care, parenting, and affiliate marketing.

I will do one-to-one coaching:

At its heart, it’s about two people working together to reach an agreed performance outcome.

The features of the one-to-one coaching relationship include:

  • A highly confidential exchange of dialogue.
  • A supportive environment to deal with issues.
  • A focus on professional development needs.
  • A focus on interpersonal development needs.

This format allows students to ask you questions and learn in a tailored approach that meets their specific learning level.

Please use the contact form on my website; to contact me or phone me on this number 07864954236.

I am looking forward to seeing you.


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