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Do you think writing is worth its time & effort?


Learning to write is one of the best skills that help you make money, happiness, building authority, and success in your life. You might wonder why do I say this?

I will give you the reasons for each one of these here.

Make money

Suppose you cannot write; how will you start to look for a job unless you are ready to go for an unskilled job. If you look out for an office job, you need to submit your resume for them to call you for the interview. Then there they might ask you to do a test that might involve few words that you might have to write. Besides, you might have to register many emails; if you are not familiar with the writing patterns, how will you format an email. Further, if you become a good writer, you can make money by getting writing jobs as most companies need skillful writers today.


Writing gives you happiness because you write your mind to relive your sadness. Say you have a confrontation with someone, but you couldn’t talk back due to personal reasons, then you get back to your home and start to worry about it. After a while, you will begin to write journals; in that case, you can mention few points about your incident that takes your unhappiness out and cleans your mind to make your decision about it. Then many people out there do not have anyone to talk their minds to; you find the solution by writing your feeling daily; it makes you happy, and while you are writing, you will get the answers into your mind. So, won’t that make you a happy person? I always write to make myself happy and feel proud of myself for doing that consistently.

Thinking power

When you have a habit and passion for writing, you will always find yourself planning about writing to spend your time happily. Therefore, you need to think about what you are going to write and while writing, you might get many questions in your mind for your thinking power gives you the answer. When you do that consistently, it is evident that your thinking power will enhance.

If you want to improve your critical thinking, writing is good for you as you have to analyze clearly to state your argument in your answers when writing a reply to a question that makes you think critically.


Building an authority

When you write consistently, you develop a strong passion for writing; in that case, you will start to write stories, essays, articles, and many other forms of writing because you have achieved confidence. Eventually, you will plan to write publications so that you will attract readers for your publications. When you do something regularly, it never stays stagnated; it progresses; therefore, you will reach a point that you should start writing books. When you write a book, you will not keep that with you, and you will aspire to let it out in the world. The people will start to read your books and will learn a lot from you. So, you become a teacher to the world by sharing your knowledge. People will begin to admire you and make money from writing and become an authority in the world. If you happen to produce the best book, you become the best seller in the writers’ world.

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You will find you’re a better communicator that again gives you stress relief because if you find it difficult to talk, some might take advantage of your weakness. That brings you confidence and enhances your self-esteem. The flow of words in you will increase your memory power as well. You improve your communication and then practice your persuasive skills that bring in many advantages; say; you can become a good seller because marketing needs the science of persuasion to grow the business.

How can writing give you success?

When you have good writing skills, your communication improves will communicate effectively, which is an instrumental skill in marketing. People will like to employ you in their marketing section as a manager.

Writing gives you development; by keep writing, you will have a record of your product about it to know your progression. Besides, when you write about some complicated issues, in the end, get the fulfillment of doing that successfully.

It gives you a higher level of thinking, and you will feel like a person who has completely changed for the better with high self-esteem. As you know, the writers become well to see if they keep continuing with their writing to a prestigious award for you.


An entrepreneurial person needs good writing skills.

If you are an entrepreneur, wring skills can help you in many ways as it helps you have good communications with customers, staff and suppliers. Suppose you have to train your team; you need to have good writing skills and communication, making it easy and feel confident all that results in better productivity.

It is usual to have many challenges in entrepreneurship, so every time, you cannot afford to look for help either to write or to communicate to deal with any urgent issues. Besides, the people around you will start to underrate you because of your poor communication and writing skills that affect your production also.

Writing skill is one of the most vital skills for either personal use, workplace, or entrepreneurship if you want to do well.

I worked as an accountant for a long time; that job involves me mostly in technical writing, but after leaving my day job, I started a business. That interested me in the writing field heavily. I feel that I am a more capable personality after writing so many articles, posts, courses, eBooks, and books and have achieved lots of confidence and self-esteem. So, I am sure it helps anyone if you become an enthusiastic writer in your life. You might not make a lot of money from writing, but it will significantly impact making money in other ways.

Therefore, my conclusion is writing makes you share your knowledge with anyone from any part of the world. It benefits you, your generation, and everyone in the world besides leaving a legacy for your family. You will find products from Amazon

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