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Do You Believe Werewolf's Walk Among Us?


Interest in the paranormal dates back to my childhood and thru the years I've researched and studied the topic.

Werewolf's And Recent Sightings And History

Here are some of the topics:

  1. Lycanthrope / Meaning of the word werewolf / Wolfsbane
  2. Spotting Werewolves / How to become one
  3. History of werewolves
  4. Lycaon The King / Pierre Burgot and Michel Verdun
  5. Gilles Garnier / Peter Stumpp
  6. Jacques Rollet / The Tailor
  7. Jean Grenier (Boy Lycanthrope) / Thiess
  8. Wisconsin Sighting: 1936 / 1964 / 1972
  9. Wisconsin Sighting: 1989 / 1989 / 1989 / All different sightings
  10. Wisconsin Sighting: 1990 / 1992 / 1999

Start Of Research

In my last article I stated that I was going to write an article on werewolf's, and have located a lot of information. I also had challenged them on a website that I'd found to prove that they were real. No one took me up on my offer; however, I was given a warning that I had made one mad alpha werewolf mad and to watch it, so of course I went back to the site once again, and all I can say is they are some people that actually believe they are a werewolf. The third time I went back I saw where someone typed in the discussion board that if they feel threaten they would not hesitate this was after reading what the person from the reservation had wrote into the discussion board but it wasn't the remark that I won't put in here, as it was really a scarily to read.

This is what I read on a different page on their website, it was really the most strangest comments.

  • An Indian boy(10 years old) from a reservation told a story of seeing a man turn into a werewolf back in 1963, described what happened and how he ran back to the first house he came to. Next day the village men brought the man into the office and he never denied that he changed into a wolf but he left the reservation the same day. After the Indian man left the village the killings of their livestock stopped immediately.

I will not repeat what was said to him but it wasn't very nice. However he did not back down other than to say to this day he will not go outside after dark, there are things in the dark that will rip a person to shreds, unforeseen terror, hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce upon you.

Researching other places dating back in time there were people who were accused of being a werewolf and put to death for it, even some confessed they were. I'm really wondering if in fact they were actual serial killers, right now there are about sixty serial killers roaming the United States. That could explain why it goes so far back in history. Later on when I write about Bray Road in Wisconsin with all the different sighting, I'll include what the real werewolf hunter Todd Roll thought about it.

Lycanthrope / Meaning Of The Word Werewolf / Wolfsbane

Definition of Lycanthropy:

  • Person has a delusion that they are a wolf. (Medical definition)
  • Possible by means of magic or witchcraft.
  • Greek - lykos (wolf) anthropos (man) - mental condition - believes they are some animal or wolf.

Werewolf Means:

  • Werewolf is believed to have come from old English words or two Saxon. - "Wer" means man - "Wulf" translated means wolf or a beast.
  • In ancient times "werg-wolf" which is a Old Norse word which means wild wolf or an animal that kills the sheep, that only will eat a small part of what it killed.

Wolfsbane (also called Aconitum):

  • Flowering herb which has been traced back to the werewolf legend found in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Ward off the werewolf since it produces a strong scent.
  • Medieval times if suspect of being a werewolf, you would be given this to cure you.
  • Wolfsbane is fatal if not properly used.
  • Used to ward off attacks from werewolves.

Documentary (Werewolves Are Real) Compelling Evidence Found - Documentaries

Spot A Werewolf / How To Become A Werewolf

How to tell if its a werewolf:

  • Long thumb nails and curved, the middle finger is extra long, eyebrows are uni arching, and seems to have a abnormal hair growth (may shave or wax to hide it).
  • An increase of being agitated, sleeping less, more aggressive, acting weird after sunset, spending time in a graveyard and sleep with their mouth open so they can avoid the effect of lockjaw.
  • Can be slightly hard to spot when in human form but if a werewolf form and they get hurt in a visible place like the hand or face they will have the injury come morning time.

Become A werewolf:

  • A wolf that's has recently been killed, dress in the wolf fur.
  • Cursed from the time you were borne.
  • Pacts with the devil / satanic pacts
  • Spells / potions from witchcraft.
  • Sleeping under the moon, letting the moonlight shine on your face.
  • Follow a wolf then drink rainwater from his paw print, now then eat his brains, and finally sleep in the wolfs den.
  • Can say this saying to become a werewolf which will be at the end but it has a warning not to repeat the words out loud.

The History Of Werewolves

Werewolves can be traced back as far as two thousands B. C.. A couple of poems from the Epic of Gilgamesh which is the earliest of time when the first literary fiction, that did include a few references to werewolves. However, in 400 B. C. the Grecian told stories about a werewolf named Arcadian from Damarchus, that did in fact change back to his human form after nine years and went on to win a boxing match medal at the Greek Olympics.

The actual first time the word werewolf was recorded was in 1020 A. D.. so the werewolf legend started. There was a rumor that Prince Vselav (Veseslav Bryachislavich), after he passed in 1101, who was the most powerful ruler of Polotsk which is a Ukrainian city, was a werewolf. Somewhere around the 1200's two men (Sigmund and his son Sinfjothli) who did wear cursed wolf skins (transformed them into wolves) that had been referenced by Volsungasaga of one of the most important saga of Fornalder Sagas.

Later on in the 1400's reference were made about women being seen riding wolves and being tried for their crime. Now in the 1500's men were being tried for being a werewolf and were being put to death.

Over thirty thousand werewolves trials during the time between 1520 to 1630 in France.

Werewolf real or mental illness

Lycaon The King / Pierre Burgot And Michel Verdun

Lycaon The King:

He was a very mean and cruel king who would feast off of human flesh after killing them. So one day this when this powerful God named Zeus, heard what the king was doing decided that he would check it out to see for himself. Once he came down to earth, he immediately saw what was going on and that the king was in fact killing humans and then was eating them. Now this King Lycaon thought that if Zeus was a real powerful God, and if he poisoned him then Zeus, then he would not die but would continue on living. In order for the king to carry out his evil plan, he needed to invite the powerful God Zeus to a feast to enjoy a meal that was poisoned. The poor massager that brought the news that Zeus had accepted the offer ended up being the meal, because the king immediately killed him and cooked him for the feast.

Zeus became very angry that the king tried to fool him. Being a God, he knew exactly what the king had done so this had made Zeus so angry that he decided to give the Lycaon The King a very valuable lesson. Now for the king's evil doing, he would be punished by becoming a wolf but only his human eyes remained as a reminder of his evil deeds.

Pierre Burgot And Michel Verdun:

Real True Story of Werewolves YouTube · 5/24/2016 · by ParanormalReviewRadio

Real Werewolf Baby Caught on Camera YouTube 2/17/2018 · by THE MAGNUM

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