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Do Not Let Your Fear Distinguish You.

It is not that hard to believe that God exists. You do not need proof to see what He has done. Every day it is in front of you. Just trust.


On the edge of a mountain, holding my 14-month-old son's little hand. I can feel how tide his grip has become. Was it me holding so tide or was it him asking me not to let go? Tiny little sweat drops started to form between our hands making it harder to hold his hand. Our grip is getting looser, and panic is starting to sink in. I will not lose my son today. I will not give up and I will not let him go no matter what. With fear in his beautiful brown eyes locked into mine. The tears are running but no sound is coming from his mouth. Just a face of pride to show that I can save him as he believed in me. With all my might and strength, I pulled him up. Grabbing his tiny body and threw it over me till he landed on the ground. I could hear how his body hit the warm dry sand. But save and away from falling five hundred meters down a cliff where we were exploring the spectacular view created by our All-Mighty God.

As his father come running toward us, he picked up our son, and at that very same moment, my hand slipped on the edge where I was sitting. At that moment I could feel how my whole world and life were going to end. I was falling, falling down the same cliff and edge moments later where I saved my son from falling. My heart started to beat rapidly, and the pounding was so loud I could hear it in my ears. Shortness of breath started to creep in, and the feeling of dizziness took over. The butterflies in my stomach turned into a stress ball of fear. I closed my eyes. Prayed, and spoke. “Jesus I am not afraid to die, but I am not yet ready to go with you. I want to stay with my son a little longer. I fear that he will be lost if I am not there for him. Who will protect him?”

After closing my eyes and holding my stomach. I turned myself into a fetal position. I dropped like nothing into the water. Knocking the wind out of my lungs. I could feel my muscles tightening. Fear of water was in me since I was a child. Fear of drowning. Fear of not being able to breathe or reached the surface. Water was my fear, the big monster that can swallow you whole in one gulp. Take you to where it wants and just leave you, and no one will discover you, ever again.

Just as I was to give up and made peace to let go of life. I felt something powerful in me. Waking me up and giving me strength just enough to pull my head above water. I can breathe. It hurts, but I can breathe. Feel how my body is drifting on the water toward the dry ground. With the last strength in me, I pulled myself out of the water and just dropped there on the ground. Lay there with no thoughts. Soaking up the sun on my face. I then heard someone screaming from far and all went dark.


Finding myself in a bed with white, cold, and heavy blankets my eyes stayed closed as I was too afraid to open them. Clenching to the bedding as I was still falling and drowning at the same time. Holding my breath. Warm tiny hands clapped around my cheeks. “Mamma” is all I heard, and that sound was like Angles singing to me. Singing the sweet melody of one that you love so much and that I was safe and does not have anything to fear that the water had consumed me.

As I open my eyes to welcome the sharp light, I saw the most beautiful, pure, and innocent little face. My son, my precious jewel of life. With him smiling at me and still holding my cheeks my heart melted and I embraced him with tears rolling down my face. Tears of joy and thankfulness.

I thanked Jesus over and over and over again. He heard my prayer in desperate calling in need of His help and He blessed me. He saved me. Amen.

In the room was a man who was dressed in a rescue uniform. His face was distorted with disbelief as he was staring down at me. As if he could not believe what he is seeing in front of him. He came a little closer to me and his voice was soft, and he said: “Ma’am I do not how to put this, but I think a miracle happen here. You are supposed to be dead.” My eyes grew wider with a question what are you talking about? I am here, aren't I? “Um-hum, yes. Let me say this. When you fell off the cliff, you were supposed to hit the ground, not the water. See, with your weight and the way you fell down, you were to fall straight down and hit the rocks. But for some strange unexplainable way you fell into the water that is 5 feet away from the rocks.”

My body went cold to numb, and I started to shake. How is that possible? Did the wind take me and pushed my body towards the water, but it cannot be? There was no wind that day. All I can remember was that I closed my eyes. Prayed and felt the water. My thoughts were running beyond themselves. How? Why? Could this be? What happened? How did it happen? Then the fear started to crawl back to what if I did hit the rocks? Everyone was quiet in the room. Staring at my son and my husband. I could feel how God was working this thing.

“Do not fear as I am with you”

Was it because of my prayer that I ask Jesus to spare me more time with my son or was He simply trying to show me how to let go of so much fear I had? Fear that made me paranoid. Fear that had me worrying all time about this and that. Fear of losing my loved ones. Fear of being out of control when I cannot control it. Fear that I will not make success and fail. Fear that I will never get over so many fears. It had me thinking of how much I am grateful. Fear is not me.


Over time I spend more time talking to God and asking Him to help me get over the fears I had and make life more understandable and get rid of the spirit of fear that clung to my life for so long. So many answers and explanations came to me that change me from fear to a fighter. A fighter for me and my family. My future and the battles ahead. I was taught a lot and want to share it.

There are two sorts of fear mentioned in the Bible. The first type is advantageous and should be encouraged. The second type is a disadvantage that must be overcome. Fear of the Lord is the first sort of fear. This form of fear is not always associated with being terrified of something. Instead, it is reverent awe of God, the awe of His majesty and glory. It is, however, an appropriate reverence for His wrath and displeasure. To put it another way, the fear of the Lord is a complete acceptance of all that God is, which comes through understanding Him and His traits. Many blessings and advantages come with the fear of the Lord. According to Psalm 111.10, it is the beginning of intelligence and leads to sound understanding. Only fools hate intelligence and discipline, as Proverbs 1:7 states.

Fear of the Lord also brings life, relaxation, calm, and satisfaction. It is the source of life and offers us security and a secure haven. Fair is mentioned in the Bible over 600 times. It's no small subject in the word of God. From Genesis to Revelation, Abraham to John on the Isle of Patmos. We hear that commandment given over and over. Fear not, that command was given to Abraham. That command was given to Israel. That command was given to Moses. It was given to David, who ran from Saul for years. Who lived in caves before he became a key. That command was given to Daniel, who was going into Lion's den. That command was given to the City of Jerusalem. The Angel Gabriel gave that message to Mary, to Peter, who was sinking. In the swirling tide of the Sea of Galilee. To Paul, who had been owned for 14 days, it looked like all would be lost.

The Angel of the Lord appeared and said, Fear Not! Every time you see it in the Bible, Fear not. All over the Bible. Fear not, for I am with you. Fear not, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. That's the main reason the Bible gives for us not fearing, is to know that God is with us and that He will stay with us, He loves us, and He will take care of us. God says that over and over. Fear not. Not talking about not having the feeling of fear we are talking about not letting it stop you.

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I do believe that when I fell off that cliff, God had given me a little push because I was not afraid to die, but just not now. Some sort of fear of not dying… or could it be something else. To be honest, I am not afraid to die, but all of us want to stay with someone that we love a little longer. I want to see my son grow old and see what his children are up to. I want to sit next to my loving husband and hold his hand while it is shaking because of old age. Who does not want that? Yes, it is not up to us as God says that we will all be reunited when Jesus comes!

As said - Satan wants us to shrink back in fear and make it so unbearable for us. God wants us to be brave and not to be afraid. It is set in different ways, with different variations, but it's basically the same thing. Fear not, do not be scared. Be fearless. God wants to say to us the exact same thing. In fact, it is so critical and so important to Him. When gets to the New Testament and Paul writes a letter to a young man named Timothy, and he says, ‘Tim, this is what you need to know, that he has not given us a spirit of fear. He says of all the important things, Timothy, that you need to know in your life and in this ministry that God is sending you through to as you go through things. Journey of life that you will inevitably go through’ he says.

What you remember, is that our God does not give fear. He gives power and love. Fear not he says, everywhere in the Bible. There's nothing to fear. Because I am with you. I am not talking about just going to change, but I mean if you really know who the Lord is, then we don't have to know what he is going to do. We don't have to know what the way is going to be. We just say, “Lord, I know you are with me and therefore I can do what I need to do. Because to do nothing.

In Psalm 56:11 the psalmist writes, "In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" This is an incredible example of the power of faith in God. Whatever happens, the psalmist will put his trust in God because he knows and understands God's power. The key to overcoming fear is complete and entire faith in God. Refusing to give way to fear is part of trusting God. It is remaining faithful to God in the midst of adversity and trusting Him to make things right. This trust stems from a knowledge of God and His goodness. When Job was going through some of the most painful times in the Bible, he stated, “Though He slays me, yet will I trust in him”


Part of this and that God says, “Trust me and I will never let you down” is what lifted me out of that water. God knew my big fear of water. He knew and He saved me to let me know that although we fear, we have love and love for God and His love of us. He will lead and protect those who are willing to overcome and let go. See, I always gave Jesus just some of my fear and worries and not all of them. So, some stayed behind, and I had to battle it out. Come drowning in them or climbing them out. He says, “Let go of all of your problems and fear and let Me fight the battle for you.”

Sometimes we are terrified, and this 'spirit of fear' overcomes us; to conquer it, we must entirely trust and love God. In love, there is no fear. Perfect love, on the other hand, drives out fear because fear is associated with punishment. Fearful people aren't made complete in love – 1 Joh 4:18. God knows that no one is flawless. That is why He has strewn encouragement against fear freely throughout the Bible. God repeatedly tells us not to be afraid, beginning in Genesis and continuing through Revelation. It's the master spirit. I believe that the enemy uses to try to keep us from fulfilling our destiny. He tells us there's no way, he says you got to have to be afraid of this. You know, if you failed before then you have to be afraid that you're going to fail again. But God says fear not. I am with you. I love that there is nothing to fear. Do not look around you. In terror and be dismayed now. It is one of our problems. We look around us too much. Instead of looking up. The more you stare at your problems.

The more you rehearse your problems, the bigger they are going to get. Every time you go through something difficult, it makes you a little bit stronger. Just a little bit stronger. Here is a fact of life. Fear of the future. Fear of danger. Fear of the past. Others fear the loss of their jobs. The loss of your health. There is sudden and unexplainable pain, and it brings fear to your mind. Some of you fear the loss of position, the loss of self-esteem. You fear failure. You fear the crisis of other people. You fear exposure. You fear being disliked. There is a fear of death. There's the fear of the unknown, but we have to fight it. Just give it the Him and let Him take care of it. That is what God wants.

Our future is an era of anxiety and fear. We live in a world that is so fast-forwarding. In what we do, our jobs, and what we eat. How we treat our children when we are tired. When we got to the shops. Everything is a chase to get it done. So, when it is done, what are you going to do next? Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, is all this what we do every day our fault, and are we looking for the fear of making ourselves so sick with all the running around to complete daily tasks? Is it worth it to make yourself sick with fear and anxiety? Are you really willing to lose a loved one because you do not have time or because you fear that you will be a failure?


When fear knocks at your door, it is not going to say Hallo, what is your next order of fear service you want, it is going to eat you alive. What is Faith is to answer and no one will be there? We have to understand that fear. First of all, it is a demonic spirit. Is not from God. The sole purpose of which is to keep us from making progress.

Going forward is to progress otherwise or you will be back where you started. Instead of what God wants you to be. If we want to believe, then we need to find what is purposeful in our lives.

My purpose was my son, my family, and what I can do to make them happy. Working long hours and fearing that we will not make ends meet by the end of the month, God always provided. Always. No matter what the circumstances were. All grace to Almighty God.

The ‘spirit of fear’ is attached to something specific in your life or in your journey. An opportunity that you are intimidated by. A relationship and endeavors. A ministry, an interest of yours that just seems to cause you to feel a little bit paralyzed in insecurity or fear. If you and I know what we know now, based on the scriptures, God does not give fear. But you sense that there is a spirit of fear attached to something in your life and you know God didn't give it. That means you know who did and if we win it, the enemy placed a spirit of fear on something in your life.

This must mean that it is trying its best to keep you away from something. And if it is trying to keep you away from something, that must mean there's something in it that it does not want you to have or achieve. To be happy for and to be joyful for or about it. Paralyzed, so crippled, so disarmed, so disinterested from the very thing that it knows exactly what God wants to take you through so that He can bring you to a new place in Him. A believer in Jesus Christ can only have one attitude toward fear, and this must be their Love and no fear attitude.


Reason to be afraid and God calls you to go here or do that? This particular thing in your life is not because you are so capable. It's not because you are so prepared. It is because you have a God who loves you. He has already gone behind the scenes. He has already orchestrated and manipulated events and people and circumstances so that all He needs is a woman or man that is willing to say yes. And stand there at the plate of His grace and His glory, in His calling on your life, and do what He is called you to do. If you and I will just do it, we will realize we have been set up to hit a home run every single time. If right now there is something crippling you, the enemy is working overtime to cause you to be afraid in your life. Will you hear this message from the Holy Spirit today - Step up to the plate. Do not be afraid. Your God has got your back.

Since I have been taught so many things through the happing of my fall and fear of water. I realized how important one day in your life is and one day makes many days to come. If you can let go of all the fear and ask God to take this battle on for you, He will, but you must let go of all of it. All the fear must be given, and you will see miracles happen. Yes, there will be a spiritual battle to conquer, and they will not always be easy, but they will make you stronger. The stronger you are the more power in love you will have to trust God and the unimaginable love He has got for all of His children.

Let go, trust and love. He has got your back and it is going to be Okay.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Natalia Judith Zwarts

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