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The Cost

Kevin had Captained the Under Twelve team to victory. Football was the centre of his being. He selected Kingston College which had a celebrated team.

At the very same time, a new football coach was hired. He had his own ideas.

When it came to try-outs he wanted a team of a certain complexion and Kevin didn't have that complexion. Despite his ability, the Coach didn't want Kevin on his team. The Coach did what he could to discourage Kevin in every way possible.

Despite Kevin's plethora of silverware, despite his ability and desire, the coach considered colour more important than talent.

Kevin was depressed. His mother was not. Although she was proud of his football skills, she wanted him to be 'something'. She wanted him to get good grades and enter University.

The Coach's abuse and discouragement coupled with his mother's desires for his academic success, coagulated. Kevin decided to walk away from the team.


Too Late

Kingston College has been known for its football team. Over the years it had often won the championship. Besides this, it also has a very powerful Old-Boys network.

When the Old Boys learned Kevin, hero of the under 12 team wasn't on Kingston College's team they investigated. When they found out what had transpired, they were outraged.

They demanded changes. But it was too late.

Kevin did not want to play for K.C. He was focused on his studies and was playing for an Under - 16 local team.

How the coach had spoken to him and made him feel ...well Kevin would never play for K.C. in life or death.


Discouragement isn't 'no problem'.

It ends a campaign, whether it is to get on a team, or a job, or have a relationship. Maybe we are too easily dissuaded but like water, we tend to take the easiest route to the sea.

Kevin wasn't going to fight with the coach or have arguments with his mother. To leave the school team cost no effort and with his neighbourhood team wanting him, why not?

Sure the Old Boys had the coach fired, but that is expo facto. That is when it no longer has any significance.

Fired Up

Joan joined the group with exuberance. She had a million ideas and was willing to do what it took to put them into practice.

Unfortunately, 'Pharaoh' was 'in charge'.

Pharaoh did not hold a named position, he was just one of those born obnoxious guys who goes into Old Age and lets his Alzheimer's do the talking. Since he once had power, and many of the others on the Board had been his friend, he ruled.

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It took one slapping away of her ideas that had Joan moving far to the side lines. She did absolutely nothing at all whatsoever.

When it came time for dues Joan didn't pay any. Eventually she was confronted and shrugged; "I really don't care any more," and walked out of the club.

Second Thoughts

John had considered converting.

He attended services, partook in studies, and when the new religious leader arrived assumed that this was the time.

A week before his ceremony something happened, was badly dealt with, and John was virtually told that unless he apologised to someone he didn't think he offended his conversion was off.

As the days passed and more people contacted him with do this or do that, John thought...

Hey, I don't want any part of this.

He ceased to attend services and didn't convert.


The Boss From Hell

Anita grabbed the job, excited about the prospects. She didn't know that her immediate supervisor was one of those garden variety Bosses From Hell.

Although she tried and tried again, the insults, the denigration was too much.

Anita turned from being a dedicated, hard worker, to watching the clock. She then moved into 'stealing' time off work, a few minutes here, a few there, until she was actually working five hours a day.

She despised her boss. She began to screw up everything she possibly could so that he would get the blame. Then walked off the job and sat home, doing part time stints here and there, no longer interested in work, just pay.

The Results

When someone is demotivated, they stop.

If it is a Boss From Hell, they unwork. If it is being pushed to the sidelines, it is quite easy to move off the field.

Once it happens, it is virtually, permanent.

Kevin never played for Kingston College. He played in his neighbourhood and then on a semi-professional team.

Joan dropped out of the club, and John never converted.

Just multiply them by a few million and one will understand the level of disinterest many people have in joining anything.

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