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Dimensional Holy Plane

I was born loving God and wanted to know about the Holy Universe, Angels, the Holy Host. I was a child craving holy mystical knowledge .



Laying On My Back

In A Grassy Field

On A Summer's


Gazing With Love

At God's Creation

Of Stars And

The Moon's

Sparkling Rays

Of Light That Seems

To Dance Across

My Face

A Cool Breeze

Brushes Lightly

Against My Cheeks

Feeling As Though

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God Just Kissed Me

With His Pure Love

Peace Seems To Cover

Me And Fill Me Within

It's As Though God's Arms

Are Hugging Me

I Smile And Look

At My Body Feeling

A Holy Presence

Pressed Against Me

Suddenly A Star

Catches My Attention

I Look Up And Saw

A Shooting Star Dancing

The Star Seems To Have

A Face On It

And The Star

Winked At Me

I Laughed With A

Tear Of Joy

In My Eyes

I Just Received


From The Holy Trinity

Of God's Blessings

And The Presence

Of Holiness

Was With Me

On This Holy

Mystical Magical


Summer Evening


Dream Weaver

On A Chilly

Winter Night

I Was Sleeping

I Recall

I Was Tossing

And Turning

A Bit Restless.

And I Kept

Calling Out

To Christ.

In A Holy Trance

Of Thought,

I Seemed In

I Felt Peace

I Felt A Finger

Touch My

Fore Head

And The Finger


Did A Cross

On My Forehead.

I Was Not Startled

Joy Spread


My Being

I Woke Up And

Sat Up


I Recalled In

My Sleep

Asking Christ

To Bless Me With

A Special Blessing

The Holy Trinity


What Was So


The Finger Of

Christ Touched

My Forehead

And Did The

Sign Of The


And Feeling

The Touch

And Receiving

A Cross

On My Fore Head

I Awoke Immediately

Perhaps Christ

Just Wanted Me

To Remember

This And I awoke.

With The Feeling

Of His Touch~

Yes, I Laid

Back Down

And Fell Quickly

Back To Sleep


Enormously Loved.

Note: I Have Had Many Mystical Holy Experiences: I Loved God Since Childhood. I Recall Making A Sincere Vow To The Lord At 17 Years Old. I Knew My Life Would Be Filled With Many Trails. I Accepted The Challenge And I Have No Regrets. Through Each Test And Trail My Faith Grew Stronger.

I Need To Add My Parents Were Not Religious. And I Rarely Went To Church Yet I Loved God With All My Heart At A You Age.

Holy Dimensional Plane

Holy Mystical Experiences, Yes They Do Happen.

The Largest Challenge Humans Have,

Is Purifying Your Thoughts.

There is many Spiritual Plane Levels,

In The Dimensional Planes.

In Which These Dimensional

Spiritual Planes Contains

Negative Energy Forces,


Positive Energy Forces.

Priest, Pastors, Preachers

And Black Magic Priest

Call The Negative Energy Forces,


In Which I Would Think If Your

Thoughts Are Sinister, Negative

You Could Attract Them Through Your

Mind Energy Opening A Dimensional


Like Wise If Your Thoughts Are Pure

And You Keep Obtaining The Knowledge

Of Knowing God Sparked By Your Sincere

Love For God.

The Holy Spiritual Dimensional Plane

Is Drawn To You.

There Are Angels And

There Are Demons.

The Activation Of Both

Is Dependent Upon

Your Own Cooperation.

It Is The Same With The

Grace Of God.

When A Human Being Is

Ready To Cooperate

With God,

Then The Holy Spirit

Penetrates The Heart

And Sanctifies

That Person.

The Fourth Dimension

Similar to the power to disappear from three-dimensional beings, anyone who could move in a fourth physical dimension could also transport himself/herself anywhere in our three-dimensional world instantly. The Bible also contains examples of appearances which also are easily explained with the use of the Fourth Dimension. Twice, Jesus entered the room of the disciples without using a door (John 20:19-23, 26-29). Entering a room through its walls is only possible via the Fourth Dimension. Another example of movement only possible in the Fourth Dimension is contained in Acts 8:39-40. Philip baptized an eunuch on a road and then was swept up by the Lord and found later that day at Azotus- which was several days journey from where Philip baptized the eunuch.

The Fourth Dimension and the Bible, explains, "A man (three-dimensional being) who has been translated from our space into a higher-dimensional space will remain invisible to earthly beings until he returns again to our space." (44) Genesis 5:24 and Hebrews 11:5 describe Enoch walking with God and then disappearing because God took him. Jesus inexplicably escapes from threatening multitudes twice- John 8:59 and 10:39. It seems most logical that Jesus used the fourth dimension to elude his would-be captors.

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