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Different Perspectives

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It is what it is. As long as you live for today then yesterday and tomorrow do not matter.

Here Goes Nothing.. OR Everything. I guess we will find out.

If you have gotten this far in the article than you must be here for a different reason than what the title suggests. You see that is the issue with the mass majority, they rely whole heartedly on labels, and the name of things, why does it really matter than much?

That is why listening is more important... sometimes when you just go off of a name then when realizing that at some point the wrong name was given. So then what? You have created this perspective of who YOU thought you werte about to see based on your personal exsperiences. That is how most opinions are made, the ones who don't have an opinion of their own end up just following someone else adopting the idea as their own. That is how cults are made. OR someone could most likely accomplish the same task by just encouraging.

I have learned that in my current position at work, I am not only an employee at a max prison facility, but I am a sergeant. So I am not only having to lead the inmates but the officers to, at times that gets overwhelming. But I have to keep myself grounded and listen. It takes a lot of listening to be a good leader of people.

Running around barking orders will never get the job done, or it might when you are forced to do it yourself. Encourage, and it goes a long way. People will want to follow in your command, because you understand respect and how to use it properly.

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