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Diary of an MP`s Wife


My first impression of this book

I must admit that I am rather naughty because until fairly recently, I had not paid much attention to British politics or the people involved in the running of this country. I had not set out to purposely by this book because it would not normally be my sort of thing.

While shopping at a well known book shop , I was trying to use up some book tokens that I had been given, I noticed a table full of books that had a buy one get one half price offer. I had already chosen the book I wanted and I brought Diary of an MP`s Wife as the second book.

To begin with I thought it was a work of fiction , but when I came to read it, I noticed that it was actually the author`s real diary. This diary begins in 2010 and ends in 2019.

The Characters

Diary of an MP`S Wife was written by Sasha Swire whose husband Hugo was a member of Parliament at the time .

The people in this book are all very real and include some of the biggest names in British politics. The book is a year by year account of the life being lived by the wife of a member of Parliament. It shows how these people lived and worked at a time before Covid and Brexit. There were various people making their way through the ranks of Parliament who are now running the country, along with other names that were big at the time, but are hardly heard of now.

Charity and Fundraising

The role of an MP`s wife or significant other is often to support them at fundraising events which often involve having a very busy social life and being out in public. Sasha often went with her husband to charity balls where money would be made for a particular charity. These charity dinner dances would often include a charity auction where people would be asked to donate something for the sale. In one particular auction Hugo was the auctioneer and he had a very surprise result when selling a jar of homemade honey (more about that later). This jar of honey sold for thousands of pounds.

Chaffcombe, Bees and more about the famous honey

At the time of writing the diary Sasha and Hugo were living in a house in Chaffcombe in Devon . While there they started a new hobby, keeping bees. To begin with they had a lot of trouble and had to call in a bee keeping expert to give them advice.

One day while Sasha was at home she heard a very loud humming noise like a large piece of machinery being used outside the house. She looked outside and saw a large swarm of bees hovering over the top of her home. She was worried about them getting inside the house , so she started to light fires to make them move on. She found that they had already stated coming in the house via the log burner in an upstairs bedroom. This must have been very scary for her, but the bees did move on. Apparently this swarming is a good sign for beekeepers because it means the bees are going to settle in the hive and produce honey, which they did in this case.

So Sasha and Hugo were able to start producing their own brand of honey. They would often give jars of their honey to V.I.P.s that they met through Hugo`s work . Everybody loved their honey and one foreign V.I.P. who was a honey connoisseur , sent her a message asking for some more.

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On one occasion mentioned in the book, they donated a jar of honey to a good cause and this is how a jar of their honey ended up at a charity auction and making thousands of pounds.

My opinion of the book

In the end I was glad that I decided to buy this book because I did find it very interesting. It managed to take me back in time and brought back memories of things that have happened during the years that it covers.

Of course now, with hindsight, we know what has happened to the characters involved in this time span.

Even though Sasha`s diary covers recent British history, we all know that a lot has changed since then. We now live in a much different , and possibly more dangerous world than we did in the years 2010 - 2019.

The three Prime Ministers

During the timespan of Sasha`s writing, Britain actually had three very different Prime Ministers , who all feature very often in the diary.

At the start of the diary there was David Cameron . David and his wife Samantha were great friends of Sasha and Hugo, they often went out socially together. It was during one of these outings that David said something rather saucy about the perfume that Sasha was wearing. The two couples and their families were also known to take holidays together and their children were also friends.

Then there was Theresa May, who also gets a lot written about her in the diary. But I did get the impression that Sasha and Hugo did not get on very well with her because she is only mentioned in a professional context.

After that, and towards the end of the diary, Boris Johnson moves into number ten. Boris has been mentioned throughout the diary because he was a very ambitious man but he had his own way of doing things which a lot of the other people involved in the government did not always agree with.

One evening Sasha and Hugo were invited to an evening dinner party that Boris also attended. When they went to sit at the table, Sasha was surprised to find herself sitting right next to Boris. She had not been sure about Boris before, but after spending that evening sitting next to him, she began to see his good points. They had a lovely evening joking about together, and some of the other guests mentioned that Sasha was getting over excited and a bit out of control.

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