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Destroying the Bridges #3

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


In the meanwhile, the wise one has been told by his father that he needs not to trust

Anyone, because humans are terrible, they will hide wickedness in their hearts and speak

Good things, they will dig a pit, covered it with clothes, put chair on it asking one to sit on it.

His father told him that one of the things that he must always do is being careful when

Dealing with humans, and immediately has a child that has come of age, he should be

Teaching the child some of the key things in the world of the witchcrafts and necromancer.

His father told him the story of what happened to a friend of his who was killed by a man

Whom he has helped to overcome his enemies, many years back. After the man he helped has

Overcome his enemies he sent hired killers to kill the man because he reasoned that the man

May turn around to disturb his kingdom. When everyone of us was telling the man to be

Careful in his dealings with the man he was helping he would not listen what he keeps on

Saying was that he trusted the man that they have made covenant with each other and that the

Man would not turn against him. He was gravely mistaken because the man sent hired

Assassins to kill him. When those hired assassins get to his house they went straight to his

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Power house and destroyed it, when he sees this he knows that they had been sent by people

Who know his secret and had sent out spiritual messages to us through spiritual parrots.

Immediately we received his message we get hasten to his place but before we get there the

Unthinkable has happened he has been murdered. We invoke his spirit to know those who

Have done the dastardly act and knew that it was the person we have warned him against.

Since this incident we have been taken extra care in dealing and interacting with people. And

Whenever we know that our children have come of age, we quickly introduce the ones who

Are willing to learn into this work of witchcraft, as I am doing now his father has told

Him. For this that he has heard from his father, he has been training his son in the act,

Showing him many things. Since the period that the person he has made rich heard that, he


Has had it in his mind that he will silence the man so that his secret would be covered and

People would not know the source of his wealth, neither would the man be able to do similar

Thing for someone else within the island or far off. Those people he had sent to kill the man

Got to his house and performed their wicked enterprise on the man, killing those they had

Seen in the house too, but the youngest of them has gone to the wilderness to pluck some

Leaves. He was few meters away from home when he saw the strange occurrence happening

At his father’s house. After watching those things for a while he fled the scene hiding at a

Place. It was from this place that he fled the town for another island. After spending decades

In other island, he decides to return to the island, and now very powerful he has an intention

Knowing those who have done the dastardly act, wiping out his family. As hard as he

Tried to get those behind the incident he was unable to get those who have done it, because

The town has become big, with so many new developments around. The person who has

Done the act has become rich too and he has also eliminated those people who have killed

The wise one, he did this alone, because he knows if he was to introduce someone else the

Person would also know his secret and would divulge it one day. This was how he executed

The plan, he has implanted dangerous chemicals in their engine and sent them to go and

Get someone in another island for him. On their way, there was a spark in the engine of their

Vehicle which has turned to a great fire and the sound it gives was like that of a bomb blast

Because the chemical had mixed with the petrol of the engine, which has helped and hastened the fire. Before anyone could get to the site, they have been burnt beyond recognition. That was how they were silenced by the man because he does not want anyone

To get to the root of his Wealth, neither wanting someone to do something similar to that

Of his nor want the secret between him and those he has sent to kill the wise one revealed.

The wise one’s son tried to unravel the secret behind his father’s death but he could not do

That, because the bridge that would link him up to unraveling those secrets have been destroyed.


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