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Destroying the Bridges #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


When he returns to her mother and grandparents, he was sent to live with his uncle who

Lived at a far island. There his uncle got him enrolled in primary school. After graduating

From the primary school he told his uncle that he desires to learn a trade for that was the

Commonest thing those days. He was enrolled to learn mechanic. When he graduated

From the place he left his uncle to a new environment that is just developing, people are

Migrating into the area like swarm of bees. In the new area he has moved to he started his

Work there as an apprentice under a man. However he desires to be wealthy, because his

Mother has suffered greatly and he cannot withstand poverty. One day he speaks to one of his

Friends asking him what he can do to be very rich, living about average. His friend told him

That becoming rich within the island requires wisdom and seeking the assistance of the

Wise men. He asks to know what he means and the person told him he will take him to a

Place the following day. When they got to the place, the man told him what he needs to do to

Become rich. The man asks if he is married and he replied that he is yet to be married.

Then the man said that is even good for him because what he will do for him requires blood

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That comes from the hymen of a woman who is a virgin. How would I get such he asks? The

Man replied that is he yet a baby? No, I am not, he replied, then, if you are not, you

Should know that what I am saying is that you need to get marry as soon as soon can be, and

The person you will get married to must be a virgin lady. If you get marry to her, part of the

Blood that comes from her hymen after the first sexual intercourse should be brought to

Him. I have no money to pay her dowry he replied the wise one. The wise one replied him

That he does not need to pay her dowry for now, all he needs to do is get a lady who is yet a

Virgin, a lady that he knows he will marry, express your love to her, and tell her that you

Really want to marry her. If she knows that you will marry her, she will not hesitate to have

Fun with you. After having fun with you, take what I asked you to take from her and bring it


To me. It is that I will mix with other things to prepare concoction for you to eat and after

Doing that, you will see the changes that will follow in all you lay your hands upon.

However, a point of notice, it is a person that you want to marry that you should bring her

Hymen blood to me, for as long as you are married, the unexpected blessings shall be

Coming thine ways daily. They departed from the wise one’s abode. He however has had

Someone he has been talking to, but the lady was still playing ostrich with him. On getting

Back to her, he mount pressure on her and she gives in to him. He took that to the wise

One who made a concoction with it. After eating the concoction as the wise one has said,

Things started to change for him in what he was doing because people will come to him for

Goods that he does not have and they will tell him that he should get those things for

Them and even pay the money ahead. Like this his blessings grow within a year he has

Overtaken all. In appreciation of what the man has done, he gave him a good car and put him

On his pay roll. One day when he was at the bar house enjoying and drinking beer he

Overheard one of them saying that after he has been empowered by a wise man, he was afraid

That the man may turn against him later and has sent people to eliminate him for him. Since

The man has been eliminated, he has no fear that the man may one day sell him out. On

Hearing this, he also reasoned with himself that the wise one who does the concoction for

Him may one day sell him out too, which will not augur well for him, thence he also decides to eliminate the wise one.


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