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Destiny's Play: A Story in a Greek Myth Context (3)

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Pericles tells the prophecy to Dimitris

One day the king was strolling in front of the alter of the palace. He was recalling the prophecy of the old man. As the time to get Calypso married, had come. Calypso had informed the king that he was in love with a lady and expressed his wish to marry her.

"What's that thing making my generous king restlessly walk while lost in the deep thoughts." Dimitris entered and addressed to Pericles.

"My noble Dimitris, I was thinking about you. I've to answer some of your questions."

"My questions?"

"Do you remember, you asked me that why am I so kind to Calypso, and taking all his responsibilities?"

Dimitris spoke nothing but nodded. Pericles continued:

"Do you know my noble Dimitris, Calypso's life span will be over at the night of his marriage."

Now Dimitris gave a surprised look at the king.

"Yes, Dimitris. An old man met me when Calypso was born and claimed that he was a prophet of Apollo's oracles. He told me that Calypso had been predestined that he will be eaten by a lion at the night of his marriage. I'm not sure whatever he said would come true or not, however, I took it as a challenge to my lordship and determined to be the savior of the boy."

"Oh my worthy king, destiny is something that is planned by our goddesses." It's not against anyone equivalent to your level. In fact, you have given a challenge to our gods. It's the will of our goddesses, Moirai. If I were there with you, I would have accepted it as their will instead of challenging."

"Being a king of Antheles, it's my responsibility to serve my subjects. What if they say that the king knew everything but did nothing. I'll do my best to save Calypso's life,"

"It'll be your unsuccessful attempt, my king because we can't compete with gods and goddesses."

"I'll save the boy at all cost. My noble Dimitris, just stand by my side and counsel me what should we do now."

"I always stand by you, my generous king but here our opponent is our gods."

"So, what do you suggest me? Should I send him back to his parents? What impact will it put on them? This act is not suitable to my personality because I vowed to him to keep the boy with me."


"Should I let that old man laugh on me? How he would describe my personality? The king was proud to be a savior but now he has turned over his words. Huh?"

"No, my worthy king. Our opponents are our goddesses. It's the prophecy of a blind prophet of Apollo's Oracle."

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"Then what should I do?" Pericles shouted.

"If my opponents are goddesses, then I'm a king too. I'm the king of Antheles." Pericles was getting angrily louder. "I'll use my powers and save Calypso's life at all cost. I'll fight with the goddesses." Pericles claimed his powers. Actually, he tried to claim his powers.

There was a silence. After a few minutes, Dimitris spoke.

"Just use your powers, my king and be the savior of the young man. BUT..."

"But what...? Dimitris!" The king asked calmly.

"Not in the palace." Dimitris replied and left the alter.


Calypso's Wedding Day

Pericles was standing before the bride and groom's wedding room- that was not actually a room but were two columns on which was a large slab shaping it as if an Olympian Zeus column. All around it was put fire that was surrounded with a fence all around and ten feet's distance, was placed a troop of armed men. This safeguard round was repeated thrice. Pericles's mind was greatly concerned to Calypso's wedding night. He was proudly examining the place that was set to save the married couple. And behind him was standing the old man whom he was telling his security plans.

"Would you like to change your words, Old man?" Pericles spoke proudly.

"Nothing." The old man replied.

"Would that you could see the arrangements, blind man."

The old man remained quiet.

"Finally the day has come to fulfil my challenge and soon the night will be there to give us results!"

The old man spoke nothing.

"Say something, blind prophet." Your quietness makes me restless. Are you regretting for your words? I am the King and the savior of my subjects and I would take every measure to save them."

"Do whatever you can, worthy king. The night will give you the results of the young man's death. I am not someone to allot deaths to others. I prophesized what our gods destined to him; nor I would regret for the things that are not under my control."

The old man was very calm and satisfied while he was speaking. But restlessness was getting prominent on Pericles's face. He looked at the old man and then at the mounted high columns.

"I'm sure that not even a rat can approach him! This blind man would beg for pardon." Pericles murmured sarcastically.

"Only a lion would approach him and this proud king would request for mercy." The old man whispered ironically and disappeared.

To be continued..

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Fam (author) on October 16, 2020:

Thank you Mr. Scull. I'm glad you liked it.

JC Scull on October 16, 2020:

Excellent read.

Fam (author) on October 15, 2020:

Thank you Marie!

Fam (author) on October 15, 2020:

Thank you Jodah, I'm pleased that you loved it.

Marie Flint from Jacksonville, FL USA on October 15, 2020:

I love the images.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on October 15, 2020:

Oh no.....You left us with a cliff-hanger. I eagerly await the outcome in the next part. A well-written tale.

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