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Destiny's Play: A Story in a Greek Myth Context (2)

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Pericles and Artemis Vow

"The pleasure of my soul to have our dignified king at my hut." The infant's birth has brought a good fortune to us."

"I'm Artemis and I'm a potter. How may I serve the majestic king of Antheles?"

"I've already got to know much about you, Artemis. I'm enchanted by your pottery."

"I'm highly grateful by your words of complements, my king. I learnt it from my father and have been making pottery for seven years."

"Quite impressive! Artemis."

"My heart delights! my lord."

"You must teach your art to your son."

"Yes my worthy king, i'll transmit my skills to my son and make my talent alive." And in the same way, he will teach to his offspring."

"May your wishes come true, Artemis." May your talent be alive through your son. I'll do anything to keep someone alive. And for this purpose, I've accepted some challenges." Pericles thought about the prophecies told to him a few minutes before.

"I'll help and support you, my young artist."

"I'll always be your grateful, my generous king."

"The infants' birth has proven auspicious. I greatly admire your work and want you to pottery sculptures for your king."

"I'll have a lifelong honor to pottery for you, our gracious king."

"If i ask for something in return, Artemis, will you give?"

"My life! I can offer you even my life to sacrifice."

"Artemis, I want you to settle down some matters with me. I want you to make some decisions for your son."

"What matters, my kind lord; what decisions?"

"You have fathered a son, who has got you a good fortune, you'll grow him for the first, twenty years of his life. You'll inculcate your art to your son; he must be a skilled artist as you are."

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"You'll teach him how to be kind on others, good manners and all the possible virtues; BUT when the boy'll turn twenty-one he'll spend the rest of his life with me."

"With me, he'll teach hunting, sword running and self defense at hard situations. I'll get him learned the war skills to make him a courageous, brave and a valorous soldier." I'll make the arrangements for his marriage; The rest of his life, will be my responsibility."

"I know it's difficult for you but make a quick decision, Artemis." Think over the life your son will have ahead."

"A few people gets such a lucky life." Have you decided, Artemis?"

"My worthy king, you're thinking about the good future of the infant. Even i can offer you my own life to serve, our kind king," Whatever you will decide for my son, i'll obey you my lord."

"I'm pleased, Artemis." You're a wise man. I'll send my attendants to guide you further about the sculptures."

"However, i'll come by myself after twenty years on the same day and the same month to take the young man with me." Grow him as a nice gentleman."

"Here by your presence, my king, I vow that you'll find the boy according to your wishes. After twenty years, you'll see a sober and a skilled young man before you at the same place."

"You are very gentle, Artemis."

"I'm obliged to you, my generous king."

Pericles and Artemis promised to look after and grow the child dividing the span of the infant's life. Pericles' attendants soon found their lost king. The king mounted on his horse and spurred to his palace.


The infant Turns as a Young Gallant: Calypso

Pericles' vision of the past was over as Artemis and Calypso entered

With Pericles' stream of consciousness, it was clear that why he was looking for the potter. Soon, he found that Artemis was standing behind him. With him was a young and handsome gentleman. The personality of the young man was charming and good looking.

"I'm obliged that the kind and gracious king of Antheles is at my hut." Artemis and his son respectfully conveyed their greetings to the king.

"He's my son, Calypso, that fortunate infant whose birth brought good luck and our worthy king's visit to my house." The young man welcomed the king and presented him the beautiful sculptures which the king praised greatly.

"Amazing! I've already loved the pottery of your father, young man, but your work is praiseworthy too."

"It's the pleasure of my soul, our generous king of Antheles."

"Artemis, I'm pleased that you've taught him all the artistry. But I've to remind you the promise that we made regarding the future of the gentle man."

"Your highness, I remember everything. Your majesty will be pleased that Calypso is not only a good potter but also a humble and well behaved young man."

"No doubt, you've transmitted your art and mannerism honestly to the gentleman. I'm sure he'll be mentally ready to acquire knowledge on the dexterity more hard and dangerous."

"I'm always ready to learn things related to risk and danger, our worthy king."

"I often expressed my wish to my father that i wanted to be a fighter, he told me that all my wishes would come true one day."

"Father has just told me that how you wanted me to be a soldier, our kind king." I'm enthusiastic for the life i'm going to have, our generous king of Antheles."

"I'm pleased to see that you're enthusiastic for your life ahead. I'm sure young man, you'll leave an example of bravery. Now it's time to depart, Artemis."

After the formal farewell, Pericles and Calypso left to join Dimitris and his attendants. All, that was on Artemis' behalf, was done, now it was Pericles' turn and he was eagerly ready to meet the upcoming challenges.

The king kept the boy with him and got him learned swordsmanship, hunting and all the war competencies, needed to be a courageous and brave soldier. Pericles arranged a certain competitions to test Calypso's swordsmanship; and he was pleased that Calypso fought bravely. He, sometimes, felt proud that things were going according to his wishes.

Calypso often made sculptures for the king, he did hunting and practiced war skills; he won all the competitions and displayed the best of his character. Now he was a decent personality, an amazing artist, a valorous fighter and an expert hunter. With this a span of five years had passed.

Pericles, the king of Antheles, had started thinking about Calypso's marriage. He found that the time to meet his challenge, had approached. He decided to make the arrangements to get Calypso married.

To be continued...

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Fam (author) on May 28, 2020:

Thank you Jason! I appreciate your comments. I'm working hard on it to complete the story.

Jason Nicolosi from AZ on May 27, 2020:

Nice job writing about Greak mythology. I've allways been a fan of it, and you did a great job on this. I enjoyed all of the dialogue between the characters. Also i like the images. Cool.

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