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Desperate for Attention: Prose in Rhymes

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.

So many people just unsatiably crave to be in the spotlight.

So many people just unsatiably crave to be in the spotlight.

People with an unbridled thirst for attention are usually very empty and trying to fill themselves at the expense of others.

-- Amelia Rose


It all starts with folks not giving themselves enough love and attention, so they go socially hunting for exactly that which they are depriving themselves of.

While men may resort to a machismo appearance and behaviors, women may go to some bombastic extremes with exotic hairdos, hair colors, flashy dressing, or a big star acting.

Then such a self advertising tendency may stretch to national narcissism, religious terrorism, medico-pharmaceutical exaggerations -- like possibly this covid-19 crazy hype -- while all want the spotlight on themselves.

We live in times, when, due to enormous, and oftentimes sickening competition, it's hard to be that super-nova in the skies of popularity, so everyone is starving for attention.

Even online writers are following some guidelines to make themselves stand out among others of the similar genre. On our Hub Pages site, while apparently a place of a dynamic friendly interaction, there is that hidden tendency of competing.

So under the pretense of a blanket positive reviews, some just like to see their names on the forum as much as possible, to appear as participating a lot and so earning themselves enough for an extra coffee. Well, that satirist in me calls that "literary exhibitionism" -- that need to see their name as much as possible on that Forum.

But, let everyone enjoy their own poison. In families, siblings are competing for parents' favoritism, and parents are fighting to win kids' support in their marital feud.

Those using their skin for ads -- called tattoos -- probably feeling that they were born with "too plain bodies", brand their skin with some most insane crap; and if that doesn't give them enough attention, they affix some rings at some most incredible and perverse places.

O.K., I announced some prose in rhymes, so here I go with a sample of it

Those Pathetic Beggars for Attention

We all have seen toddlers making big noise

so it's not exactly motorcyclists' invention

as they rev insanely on their manly toys

begging around for some attention.

So here I dwell at this big intersection

sleeping like a baby through siren's noise

at times waking up at a display of imperfection

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underneath those helmets of some pissed off boys.

Those iron - pumping freaks also good to mention

many so soft inside but compensating with strength

with their beggar's hat full of some dubious attention

later going grotesquely fat and shortening life's length.

And those hubbing writers praising every piece of shit

giving wrong signals to those with no talent at all

instead of telling them how they should quit

feeling important in that "supporting" call.

As for me -- I'm loving myself no end

if anyone would want to join me, just fine

but I'm never begging anyone to be a friend

and for all compliments and praises I draw a line.

I got no ego to feed with much attention

never competing to prove myself my worth

and my advantages are never mine to mention

I am just me, unfolding into something from my birth.

So, I pity all those souls in a need for ego boost

together with their efforts to be what they are not

for all those fake impressions they ever produced

their pretending charade is always so easy to spot.

© 2022 Val Karas

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