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Descriptive Essay Example: My Secret Hideaway

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What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is what it sounds like. It's an essay that describe something. It can be a place, a person, an experience, or anything really.

While writing descriptive essay is meant to teach a student how to write a description of events, it's also important to remember that these aren't documentary in nature. Use your voice. Be creative with how you describe things. Make the reade feel something.

Descriptive Essay Example

When I was a small child, and I had a bad day I would hide in my special hiding place. My secret reading area was where I would read books hidden away from all the noise of the grown-up world. The hideaway was my childhood closet that transformed into any magical place that I wanted, much like SpongeBob's cardboard box. My imagination could run free, and none of the boring, practical rules of everyday society applied there.

If someone stumbled on my small haven, they would probably not think twice about what they saw. It was a slighter larger than average closet of any small child. Upon closer inspection, they might realize that the beige walls had been almost covered with bright childish drawings, pages from travel magazines, and comics. The more risque drawing and photos, those that referenced magic, were placed in harder-to-see places. I didn’t want to bring down the ire of my Southern Baptist mother. The imaginative wallpaper only went up to about three-quarters up the wall, it was as far as my childhood arms could reach.

The closet was dark. It was lit by a single light bulb that hung from the ceiling, like a bad horror movie. But, once the door closed and the light turned on, the space turned into my own. I became a crime-fighting superhero by day, and a suave debonair 007 by night. I traveled the world, and attended a knight school as the first girl to ever attend. The friends that I met and protected on the battlefield taught me how to talk to other people. A small lap table hidden among my shoes would draw out my fantasies as I solved mysteries and fought to save the world.

It was only due to childhood petulance that I was able to fully embrace the stories. One of the drawbacks of having a secret spy cave hidden in the bottom of the closet was the smell. No matter how many odor eaters, or cans of Lysol that I used, the scent always remained. Always tingling my nostrils, bringing me back from my fantasy world to remind me that I could never quite escape reality.

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As a child, I never thought twice about the fact that I spent so much of my time huddled in the bottom of a closet living out spectacular space pirate adventures, but as an adult, I realize I learned to use my imagination there, and that small haven helped shaped me into who I am today.

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