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Description of A Lover Part 2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication



A young man assigned to live with a couple who are lecturers have been moved by their romantic relationship that has defied what he has been heard about romantic relationship from other people.

For what he found in their love life, he decides to know the secrets behind the success of their love and he was surprised by what he discovered one morning.

This is the second and concluding part of the short story.

Uhm! What an expression!! A daughter indeed he replies.

Ain't I your daughter? For all intents and purposes I am and will remain as that she says, resting her head on his chest.

Yes, you are a daughter in a billion and more than a daughter to me he says, adding,

"You are an outshining star in my firmament,

You are the filament that makes by bulb glow,

You are the moon in its full radiance during my night periods preventing me from neither stumbling nor hitting my feet against a stone,

You are the sun during my daytime allowing for food and oxygen production

You are the dove personified for your gentleness and meekness

The flower I see every morning that never gets withered at night is you

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He continues, like lion you are courageous, giving me reasons not to fear

During the rainy period you are the rainbows I wake up to see

You are the special fruit in the garden of Eden of my life that always nourishes my body

You are beauty within-without, my love and desire...

She passionately kissed him, wrapped her arms around his neck saying,

"I would have been a shadow of myself if I have not married you. Though there are many fishes in the oceans and rivers of life, there are many men in the world and as people used to say, it is only God that has no duplicate, but as for me, you also have no duplicate.

Remembering what has passed, then people were saying why not marry someone of my age, my peer group, but I insisted it is you or no one and I am grateful that I followed my instinct and my instinct has not failed me.

Kissing him again...

It is time we get prepare for today's activities she says time ot stop ticking....

"Oh yes", he replied, as he silently withdraws himself before they noticed him.

Thinking as he was going, little winder their love keeps growing everyday. Lovers who say good words to each other will continue to glow...



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