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Description of A Lover Part 1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



This is a short work describing a young man who was assigned to a place. He has been surprised about what he has been seeing about the couple he was living with romantic relationship. He decides to get acquainted the more with them to know the secret of their continued glowing love.

One day he overheard their discussions during one of the romantic moments...

It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy the short work.

Thank you.

A young man alongside others were taken to one of the rural settlements where an institution of Higher learning is established for his final examinations.

That is the agreement his establishment has sighed with the institution for a long time because they wanted to be producing sound graduates which they could vouch for all over the globe as being found worthy in "learning and character".

When such exchange takes place between the two establishments they will assign each student to a lecturer who will take them through some things academically and morally before they write their final papers.

This young man has been assigned to couples who are lecturers in the institution.

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According to his findings he discovered that they have been married for about 18 years and still counting, yet their romantic relationship is hot and always fresh by how their actions and reactions to each other.

The man is older than the woman and when he first saw them he thought they are father - daughter or elder brother-sister and would wait for the wife and mother of the daughter only to discover that they are couple.

Then he decides to know something about them. Since they are workers of the institution he searched for their names and discovered that they have been married for 18 years. Before their wedding they have known each other for 5 years out of which four years was used for courtship.

Expression of love during courting periods changes after wedding, he has believed from what has been seeing around, even among some of his peers who have gotten married.

But he discovers that theirs have not changed and if anything to him their love is glowing.

He loves this and wishes to know the secret behind such manifestation. Therefore, he decides to use major part of his stay with them to really study them.

One early morning he finds her in his arms looking into his eyeballs, saying "you used to pray for your daughter when you get to the venue ".

... continues in part 2


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