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Fin lives in California's Central Valley and is interested in social issues. and creative writing.

Oil Derricks in Central California



the oil derricks pounced in the night air

over the bowl of mud and grass

that caved a path to the front of

the house where she was standing.

a bright moon, the bay of the coyotes

far away she hoped.

the soles of her feet


on the porch floor where she waited

with the other two

under a bright moon

the derrick neighing like

a hungry horse.

sip a dream she tells the little ones

sip again

lift your glasses high

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and capture the light

sip a dream she says again

sip and

always be thirsty.

under the light of

a tired and impatient moon.

and the sound of the two

adults sleeping

behind the curtained window.

the warm house

exhaling sweet aromas

devoured by the shrubbery

and the greedy derrick

storms will pass with light breezes

the sun escapes the clouds

and your shadow offers shade

drink the waters of your dreams she says

and always search for that fountain

she reminds them

somewhere there is a destination

lifting her thin hands

still damp with butter and

slivers of stale bread

in the air above their heads

the hiss of the derrick

saying shhhhhhhhh

her nails lit like dim distance stars

in the light of the moon and

the churn of the derrick

she says to them to close their eyes

and imagine sleep

and the call of the coyotes

and the footsteps from the machinery as

if it were too shy to approach

lifts in front of the moon

over the muddy grounds

that seem warm and almost inviting

where the famished derrick


© 2022 Fin

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