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Contemporary Views on the Definition of Human

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Different artists/designers define and categorize humans in distinct ways: Bill Gates, Maurice Conti, Elon Musk, Stella McCartney.


Contemporary Artists’ Effect on the Perception of ‘Human’

The contemporary artists and designers are the people that shape the perceptions of people within their scope of influence. Their international and national acclaim is based on the tyranny of numbers they influence, convince and attract towards their venture. In the generations gone by, the essence of being human was defined by the sentimental aspects such as emotions and the existence of the mutual admiration and even adoration between people. Following the works of Leonardo da Vinci and the other artists within the same generation their approach was based on their trail of thinking and the eventual proof they provide for their theories and suppositions. On the other hand, the contemporary society is characterized by creativity aimed towards discovering what man can do and not what the human holds. Therefore, the contemporary artists and designers are focused on the future and not the composition of the status quo of the man. The subject designers that are the subject of the discussion are Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Maurice Conti and Stella McCartney.

Maurice Conti

Maurice Conti is the representation of the inventions aimed at replacing the need for human contact. It is worth noting that the previous generation was marked by artists and theorists who christened human beings as the epitome of creation, a unique and inimitable being. However, Maurice Conti, the founder and the Chief Innovation Officer of the artificial intelligence firm Alpha. Their most recent innovation of the human mimic is Sofia, a robot with the capacity to have the same feelings as human and converse meaningfully.

The common knowledge surrounding a human being was that the person is unique because they could feel and converse with each other compassionately. However, the Maurice Conti firm which encompasses fellow artists has redefined the human existence of the human being as simply the flesh, borne and the blood. The flesh has been duplicated, albeit in functionality by synthetic fibers while the bones have been replaced by metal to link the joints. The incorporation of controlling programs duplicate the blood of the human being and the same has been done to the brain. It is inarguable that the artistry in reference, in this case, is different because of its target. They did not want to think of the human replica but went a notch higher to surpass the previous artists by developing the imagination.


Evidence gathered from innumerable interactions with the robots, which are the outcomes of the artistry, prove that being human is only 36% unique. The figure is based on the estimations of the feelings, and the functionality of the human being compared to the robot. 30% of the 36% is the capacity to reproduce. The 6% accounts for the capacity to control their actions. The 6% is subject to more work and research and the likes of Maurice Conti can come up with the programs to instigate self-regulation. Therefore, to artists such as Maurice Conti, being human is the capacity to reproduce and that is the only most unique capacity of a human being that cannot be recreated.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the richest person on the planet according to the 2017 Forbes List. Over the past two decades, he has endured to invent and update the technology that has catapulted human connections to an unprecedented level. His Microsoft brand is one of the highest rated and the most utilized technological commodity in the world. He is often invited to deliver speeches to weigh in on the overbearing discussion of the impact of the technology on the human race.

According to the responses he gives, which embody the spirit of his company and all the innovations he has made is that, the essence of the human being is to create a connection that is influential on the current and the future generation. It is worth noting that Microsoft centered on the human need to communicate over a long distance. The invention of the internet solidified the brand and endeared it to its clientele. Being one of the artists of the current generation, his characterization of the purpose of the inventions suggests that they embody the essence of being human.


The Microsoft brand offers products that range from Word, PowerPoint, and Database, all of which facilitate communication. Therefore, according to Bill Gates, the ability to communicate is the basis of human interaction. Through the discussion of the essence of being human, Bill Gates informs that the innovation and the eventual strides made in the telecommunications industry aim at facilitating communication, a basic foundation of the human-hood. Thus, going into the future, the contemporary artist, Bill Gates, urges to prioritize the importance of communication. Notably, the Microsoft provision can be used in the mobile phone in all the locations of the world. Therefore, Bill Gates essentially intends to break the gender, sex and ethnicity barriers to the establishment of a genuine connection between people as the ties to guarantee the future of post-humanism.

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Elon Musk

He is the founder of Space-X, the company that facilitates out-of-space research. Notably, in the past generations, the aspect of human was confined to the mundane point of it. A human being had a prescription to stay on earth, one of the scientifically proven 9 planets. The previous artists discussed the mundanity of the human being with the picture of the earth unmentionably eliminated in speech. However, it is hard to imagine that the likes of Leonardo da Vinci could fathom living through the existence of the same human being in another world. Following records released in 2011, there exist life-supporting conditions in other planets such as Mars.


The characterization of the human being as the prescribed dweller of the earth is the point of Elon Musk’s projects that contain the belief. On the same basis, Elon Musk can be characterized as one of the artists of the contemporary generation for crafting ways to reach the other planets of the solar system. Therefore, although the position of the human being as the perpetual dweller of the earth was not defined in the previous generations, it was implied. Therefore, to the current generation, being human is the realization of the freedom of the human being to be at liberty and not inscribed on the earth. As a result, over the last 15 years, the Elon Musk-inspired projects have led to the labeling of human-hood as the limitless potential. The potential in question is the realization of the capacity of the human being to develop structures that can lead to the same human’s emancipation from the inscription of the earth.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a British fashion designer. She is in the industry of appealing to the rest of humanity to fall in love with their creations. There are two philosophical approaches to the falling in love issue as a characteristic of being human. First of all, as per the hierarchy of needs, each individual has the desire to be loved. Therefore, the designers prove that their developments are aimed at being acknowledged and appreciated. For instance, the designers dress in different fashion outfits to impress their audience. At the same time, the impression of the audience is the satisfaction of the intrinsic human need. Thus, each human being seeks approval and the industry of design creates a platform for the people of all races and gender to gain the approval based on their bodies’ fit in the different attires.


The second approach to the issue of falling in love is that humans are created as visual beings. It means that each human has an instinct of falling in love with what they perceive as impressive. However, the level of visualizing and impressionism differs in either men and women in that men are essentially visual while the women develop their conclusions based on a deeper trail different to that the men’s perception. Thus, Stella McCartney and the rest of the designer industry have over the past two decades capitalized on the human perception of elegance and beauty especially covered in clothes and make up. The issue is that make up arouses another dimension to the definition of being human. The comfort of each human in their appearance differs based on how they want to be perceived. Therefore, the designers such as Stella McCartney have created make ups to tempt the human desire to use the imagination of the others to impress either themselves or the other people, courtesy of facilitated appearances by the makeup. Thus, the designer industry defines being human as the capacity to be at liberty to choose their appearance, who they want to please and what they want to gain from their choice.


According to Francesca Ferrando, the generalization of what is supposed to be human is baseless. All that the rest of humanity can do is to learn from it and not necessarily conform to its deepest principles. Post-humanism is the refutation of the stereotypes set about human-hood. I believe that the epitome of the human-hood will be the situation whereby all human beings will have the capacity to control robots that resemble humans in many aspects as per the developments made by Maurice’s Alpha artificial intelligence firm and many more that will open in future. More so, human-hood will be fully realized when all human beings are connected through the developments made by the artists such as Bill Gates and other companies that will develop the same capacities in future. Each human should have the capacity to access the other life-supporting planets discovered by Elon Musk. Moreover, each gender and race should be comfortable in their appearance and still yearn to impress. The three artists and a designer have shaped the universe and their developments go a long way in describing the developments towards the full realization of the definition of a human being.


In summary, all the four artists and designers described above have formed the most important part of the past 20 years with regards to their curiosity in defining human-hood. Through their innovations and desire, they have redefined the limits of human beings and the varying levels of their uniqueness. As a result, it is imperative that their efforts are supported, acknowledged and joined by all humans to ensure the realization of the full potential of human beings. Conclusively, being human is the insatiable need to discover and attempt to be satisfied just like the four have tried.

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