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There was a deer in a forest it was very clever.
All those wild animals who are fascinated by its intelligence are like 'you'
If the wise are in the king's office, our animals good things can happen.

Moreover, your intelligence will be recognized and advice. That's the deer.. near lion left for. It's the mother of the deer before it he warned that the minister should be careful with the fox.
The deer lion asked some of the lion to meet the lion king
She asked questions. The deer gave answers. its intelligence, the lion is the main advice in his office.
He was given a job. Minister Fox. Congratulations to the deer
She said, "I have a burden of work because there are smart people like you.
It's going to come down." What's the matter with mom about such a good fox
Is that a warning?' thought the deer. In fact, the deer
The fox does not want to come into the service and his dominance
decreasing. But waiting for the time to come out
He looked at it. One day the lion... Fox with the intelligence of the deer

Praised earlier. 'That's what the deer kid is next to
It is suspected that the kingdom is the spy they have sent. soon
I will prove it with evidence." One day the bear and the wolf
Some hope is brought as witnesses and the deer is a spy
It's going to prove it. Then the elephant in that place
"My Lord! That the deer is intelligent, if it is in service
We sent it to you for good. it's a spy
'No,' she argued. The bear, frightened by the argument,
The wolf did the truth. The lion's angry fox
Stuck. The deer cub reached the house to meet the mother.

What happened
He said, 'Amma.. If the cruel lion joins the camp
Agreed but beware of an animal like a fox
Why did you warn me?' 'In advance of the bad ones
We will be careful if we know, but the pits look good
The excavators cannot be found. They are the most dangerous. lion
We are careful if we know it's a wild animal. but
People like fox pretend to be good and do evil. that's why
I told them to be careful with such people. You have faced the same thing
More carefully with such people before
Stay,' said the mother. The deer cub follows his mother's advice and lives
Had a good time.

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