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Death and The God Of Death


Death is an inevitable truth of human life. Every individual who is born will face the god of death one day. Many people think that death is a journey, but death is not a journey it an event, life is a journey full of suffering, happiness, and many other feelings. Life gives us pain but death gives us relief, life makes us cry, death makes us laugh, life makes us selfish, death makes us selfless. That is why I say that death is more pleasant than life. Every one of us wants to be dead sometimes, we think that whatever that is happening in my life is really bad and I cannot tolerate this and I want to be dead, but that’s not the way things work, the god of death is watching at us constantly and it will only come to us whenever our true time of death comes.

Human beings are such an amazing creation of god at difficult situations they want to be dead i.e. they want to escape the problems, but when they gain all the wealth, prosperity and everything that they desire they have only one fear in their mind i.e. death, but god of death is same for all it do not distinguish between poor and the rich, between successful and the loser, between child and the adult.

Dead person may seem like a haunting thing, but it is the purest thing bacon after death we go to the place where we have begun our journey i.e. in the nature, and there is no pure thing than the nature.

Through the journey of life, I think that it is because of the soul we are suffering, it is because of the spool that we experience pain and guilty of our crimes, because as soon as we loose our souls we do not feel anything as good or bad, everything is considered as equal, that is why a person with a good soul does everything right and good in his life and the person with an evil should does bad to everyone’s life.

Day by day we are getting really closer to the god of death, it is a ladder which we all are climbing everyday unknowingly even if we don’t want it, god of death is waiting for you to come to his place so he can greet you for your good things and punish you for your crimes, and what do we say to the god of death when we realise that we have come very close to him "NOT TODAY”. But god of death is deaf he cannot hear you, he is blind too he cannot make the difference in the people and the god of death is true to his word i.e. he will come to you after your lifespan is over as stated in his diary during your time of birth.

But remember the thing we say to the god of death "Not today".


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