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A College Life I: August 2022

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A freshman college student who wishes to have an unforgettable college start. Everyone thinks we all want to have a good start, don't we?


Monday, 15

Hey Hub!

How is your day today? Today is my first day of college life. Isn't it scary?

Of all the days or weeks that I may be menstruating why should it have to be yesterday? I mean, annoying! Today is my first day in college and I don't wanna be menstruating on my first day.


Anyways, yesterday it was raining. I thought we couldn't go to Buug. We weren't even on our way yet when the rain started to fall. And I have my destruction period so it is indeed something like a challenge to me. Spectacular!



Wake Up!

I woke up too early around five o'clock in the morning and I immediately opened my phone to see if I got new emails from my publishers. But sadly I got nothing but promotional ads.

So, I went out of bed to begin my day and cook some rice for my supper later. I don't need to cook many cups of rice because I already cooked enough yesterday for my breakfast and lunch.

I will be having okra and bulad for my viand this morning.

I wish I would have a great day today.
I'm at the waiting shed waiting for my first subject which will be exactly 10:30 am, and I am worried about my friend (I won’t name her). She hasn't chatted or even called me and I think she had a problem and I don't know what it could be. That's just my guess but it is possible.

I'm worried about her as her friend. Education is more than important. It is everything. I pray she's okay.

You're the first person early to be late.

She awaits…

While waiting at the waiting shed, I feel like time passes so sluggishly.

Students seem so vibrant from the outside but dull from the inside. They all seem unimaginative and how do I know that? It is because I can see how they act and talk. Their actions are so clear that they are all into reality without imagination. I feel sorry for them.

But my friend where are you now? I hope she's okay.

I kept on checking the gate if I could see a tall girl walking like a fierce warrior and ready to take her classes today but I couldn't find her.

I'm extremely worried. If you only knew.

People here seemed so intimidating. I feel like they all pretend to be someone from the high class and they feel like they are indeed in this classy world of fancy.

I long to have my chance of showcasing my talents here.

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People here seem so growing. I feel like they've all grown up. That is intimidating.

It seems that we are having a parade today because I saw a guy wearing his quadruple or was it triple drums, and he was playing with them. And now I think I am the only BAELS present here and it is a bit horrifying because if I am the only BAELS present this morning, then that would get too much attention from everyone. I wish my classmates will arrive sooner.

Wait for me!

Introversion and Arrival

Now, introversion is peace and freedom but the most beautiful part of introversion is you seem to be able to see everything and everyone from a distant spot, like you are a divine being or a human with supernatural powers.

Time check: 9:44 am, and I still haven't seen any traces of my friend.

Those quadruple drums playing at the school gymnasium remind me of my brother and it is painful, I mean, I miss my family.

I am with my classmates while writing this but I still feel alone. The gymnasium is so clamorous caused by the students and it gives me fear.


While I am writing this, I was just done writing a summary of the lesson that my English 101 Course Syllabi professor had given to me.

It took me almost five hours in making that summary. It was worthwhile though because at least I am trying to study and learn.

Anyway, I extremely need to sleep. I hope you are all alright.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

Wait. I'm not yet done.

So we went to the IT department to ask for some help from a professor so we could apply for an ID.

My friend was with me; she made it to come here in Buug. I was happy.

So the professor noticed the talisman I was wearing. And he joked with my name and my friend’s name. And he taught us how to sign in on Gmail using our institutional email. He was a good and kind professor.

I don't like it!

Talisman and Baby Wipes

So, Lola Landlady was able to share her problems with me unexpectedly and I was able to have a not-so-funny time with her granddaughter who kept on asking me for some cucumber. And then, before that, Nhovey and I went to the supermarket to buy some good things.

We bought baby wipes, a sponge, rice, yellow pad paper, and a shaver, and I think I just forgot something. After that, we went home (I mean boarding house) and she has a different boarding house.

Before we approached the IT professor earlier, we were able to video call Lola Anya (Jenra Eran) and she was at the cinema somewhere located in Zamboanga City. She was wearing her glasses and we are almost the same in everything. We are indeed Lolas and Nanays.

My mom was all about being worried about me. She kept on reminding me to drink my vitamin but I still forgot. But I will eat it tomorrow. I just need to sleep first tonight.

I think my day is great. I liked it very much. Thank you, God.

But I haven't received any responses from any of the publishers to whom I submitted my manuscript yet. I wish they will respond soon.

Tomorrow I will submit my assignment and then I hope our professor will like it. I hate disappointment.

Cross fingers.

I have so many firsts...

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