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Deadbreak Review

I came across Deadbreak by Jorge Sanchez by chance, while looking for an audiobook to listen to while on YouTube. I do not normally like zombie stories, but I figured that I would give this one a chance, and I am glad that I did.

The main character is a man named Jeremiah. He is a scavenger for the town that he lives in, and he goes out into the world looking for supplies that the town may need. The problem is that there isn’t just danger from zombies; there is also danger from living people who want to turn people into zombies. These people manage to attack the town that he is living in, and he has to escape to safety before they manage to kill him or turn him into a zombie. He is also trying to find his daughter (who he had sent away to keep her safe), hoping that she was still alive and that she hadn’t been harmed. He believes that she may be safe on one of the Hawaiian Islands, and he tries to make his way to the island to find her (getting himself passed all of the dangers that are between them).

I enjoyed the story more than I expected that I would. Sure, there were jokes made by the main character that made me groan, but those horrible jokes made him somewhat endearing. And it did amuse me when he would make a joke that was a reference to something in pop culture and no one around him understood what he was talking about. The way he would kind of get frustrated with them made it that much more amusing.

Each of the chapters had a title that involved a song lyric, and I will admit that one or two of them got stuck in my head after hearing it.

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I had half-way expected the ending to be sad (that maybe he would have found out that his daughter had been killed or turned into a zombie) or that it would have ended on a cliffhanger (maybe getting him all the way to the island that his daughter was supposed to be on but ending before he got to the island himself), but it had a happy one. Maybe if the story went on just a little bit longer, we would have found out that they were attacked and didn’t survive, but it ended with everything looking good for the characters. Sure, there were still tons of zombies roaming around, but it looked like the people who had survived the pandemic so far might continue to survive (and that there may be a way for them to figure out how to rid the world of the zombies that were still in existence).

I enjoyed it enough that if there is a sequel, I will likely give that one a chance as well.

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