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Daughters of the Mayflower Series, Books 2 and 3

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Books 1 & 2 of this wonderful series

Books 1 & 2 of this wonderful series

Historically Accurate Christian Romance Series Will Warm Your Heart

This series of historical romance novels follows the story of fictitious families (the Chapmans and the Raynsfords) who came over on the Mayflower and their descendants through the history of this new nation. Interestingly, the books in the series are by different authors. I have read the Advanced Readers’ Copy (ARC) of nine of them, courtesy of Barbour Books and NetGalley.

This series will warm your heart. It will satisfy the history buffs among us, too. I know. I am one. This article holds reviews of the 2nd and the 3rd books in the series — unfortunately, I have not read the first one, although I hope to do so in the future.


The Pirate Bride, Book 2 In The Series

The Pirate Bride, 2nd in the series, recipient of the Reader’s Choice Award, and winner of the 2014 Inspirational Romance of the Year, is by Kathleen Y’Barbo. This is the story of a precocious twelve-year-old girl, Maribel Cordoba, who is kidnapped from her home in Spain by her father, the criminal Antonio Cordoba, who tells her that her mother and grandfather are dead. It is beautifully written, and will pull at your heartstrings.

Rescued By a Pirate

Cordoba’s ship is overtaken by the French attorney, Jean-Luc Valmont, posing as a privateer using the name Jean Beaumont. In the ensuing fight, Maribel and a young man she has befriended are rescued by Captain Beaumont. Jean-Luc has secrets – honorable secrets – that could get him in a lot of trouble in 1700s America. Knowing a life at sea, especially with his risky activities, is not the proper place for a young lady to grow up, Jean-Luc leaves Maribel at an orphanage in Jamaica where she later becomes a teacher. Eleven years later, her grandfather finds her, and has her delivered to his and her mother’s new home in New Orleans.

They Meet Again

Eventually, Jean-Luc returns to New Orleans to address some of his family’s business and financial issues. He soon runs into Maribel. Of course, they quickly realize they are in love.

Set mostly in 1700s Jamaica and New Orleans, the story deals with some of the issues of the day. For example, Jean-Luc’s second-in-command is Israel Bennett, an African man he had previously “captured” then paid to work on his ship, treated as an equal, and trusted with his life.

Jean-Luc Stops Trying To Do Things His Way

Jean-Luc, Maribel, and Israel are Christians, who pray daily, and depend on God to protect them. When politics becomes a problem, Jean-Luc decides to return to his law practice, he says, “…maybe it was just God’s way of letting me know that it was time to stop and follow Him instead of trying to do things my way….”

The Pirate Bride, is a beautiful, Christian fiction story of romance, family love and dynamics, and history. It's one all lovers of romance novels will not want to miss

What Made The Grumpy Book Reviewer Grumpy About The Pirate Bride?

While the story is delightful and touching, there are a few things that need correcting, such as:

  • incomplete sentences;
  • using “try and…” rather than “try to…”;
  • beginning sentences with conjunctions.

The Captured Bride, Book 3 In The Series

Set during the tumultuous and dangerous years of the French and Indian War, The Captured Bride, by Michelle Griep, explores this time in American history, not only as a political and territorial dispute, but as it affected individual lives.

A Child Raised in Two Cultures

Mercy Lytton is the adult child of an English mother and a Mohawk father. Having been raised with both cultures, Mercy is fed up with being seen as a half-breed by both sides. Although her mother raised her in the Christian faith, she has no faith, and resents what she sees as her mother’s “weakness”. Born with unusually good eyesight, Mercy becomes an excellent tracker and scout, and prefers the outdoor life.

Labeled A Traitor, But Is He?

Captain Matthew Prinn is a Queen’s Ranger tasked, along with Mercy, to deliver stolen gold to an English fort. Matthew and Mercy have worked together for years, and set out to complete the delivery.

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The handsome, courteous, and Christian believer, Elias DuBois, is labeled a traitor by the English, and is scheduled to hang – his French surname doesn’t help. He is offered freedom in exchange for accompanying Mercy and Matthew. Elias has many secrets. Can he be trusted?

This Book Examines Many Human Issues

The Captured Bride explores human foibles that have existed since the beginning of time:

  • prejudice against innocent bi-racial children;
  • depression suffered by a mother who lost her baby;
  • the assumption that women should not be independent;
  • the need to make peace with our parents, even after they are deceased;
  • the plain-spokenness between men vs. the catty remarks often made between women who feel threatened by another woman;
  • recognizing that Christ has far more love for us than we can ever find in brokenness; and
  • recognizing that loving is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness.

What Made The Grumpy Book Reviewer Grumpy About The Captured Bride?

This is a combination of things found in the two books prior to publication:

  • incomplete sentences;
  • beginning sentences with conjunctions;
  • using “begs the question” in place of “raises the question”: an error that began in the late 20thcentury (the two phrases are not interchangeable);
  • using “bring” in place of “take”: another bad habit of the late 20thcentury;
  • “Handfuls” should be “handsful”; and
  • a large number of split infinitives.

The Books of the Series In Order

The Mayflower Bride, set in 1620

The Pirate Bride, set in 1725

The Captured Bride, set in1760

The Patriot Bride, set in 1774

The Cumberland Bride, set in 1794

The Liberty Bride, set in 1812

The Alamo Bride, set in 1836

The Golden Bride, set in 1849

The Express Bride, set in 1860

The Rebel Bride, set in 1863

The Blizzard Bride, set in 1888

The Chisholm Trail Bride, set in 1889

Available now are the first three books in one paperback book

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