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Darok: New Views on Humans


It has been a while since I put my views on what you call 'social media'. In the time since I last communicated my thoughts, much has happened.

You have had the pandemic known as the 'coronavirus' or 'COVID-19'. I pity you, humans, trying to grapple with this virus, a virus that sprang from China, where animals were kept in horrendous conditions. You all seem like panicked animals, which is essentially what you are. You are trying your best, to get a handle on this virus, different world governments have a different take on how to grapple with it.

We could intervene, I suppose, we could give you a vaccine tomorrow, but, you must handle this by yourselves.

In our ancient history on Mars, we faced similar pandemics, many of our people, like yours now, paid the price. As I have told you before, we Martians, have faced every danger that you earth-dwellers face today. We faced pandemics, wars, overpopulation, climate change, the decimation of other species. However, we turned a corner, we learnt to live more spiritually, sustainably and in harmony with nature. This is something the creator of the universe wants for all his created beings.

COVID-19 has also come about because you are destroying the environment of other species.

Thus, they come to live in your towns, cities, in close proximity to you. The bacteria, viruses, they carry, are passed on to you humans, and, as you are learning from the COVID pandemic, you humans are paying the price in so many ways. I am afraid, humans, you now have the chance to change direction as we did, but, I think it will take something so utterly devastating, so utterly life-changing, that's the only thing that will make you change.

Many humans recognise the fact that you must change, but, more of you prefer to live in denial. Your population has overrun the planet, you accuse the species you call rats as a vermin, because they overrun everywhere, are you any better?

I am sorry to be so blunt humans, but time is getting on, you are living through a mass extinction, climate change, overpopulation, the danger even of war, a mass pandemic, when are you going to change?


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