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Daily Life and my Thoughts

I am an ordinary person. My interest has been to write stories and stories of daily and past events. That I want to share with you.

I am writing this article again.

I belong to a middle class family.

I am a grocery shopper.

I am interested in writing and reading.

I have faced many struggles in life.

I want to share with you, the daily life and past events,conflicts,thoughts,stories.

Maybe,mythoughts or event happening,feel close to you, and influence or inspire you life.

What do I think about every subject social, political, ideological, emotional, spiritual etc.

How I think idea.

All this I want to reach you through this article.

I am from Hindi speaking area. My English not good.

But trust me,I will keep improving it gradually.

Till then you will ignore my grammar and spelling related mistakes in English,it is expected.

I don't know how to weave a web of words.

I want to say my words in simple language and words.

You can easily understand, what I want to say.

In my life too. There are many conflicts incidents and stories.

I also have my own thoughts.

What do I think?

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How do I think? It doesn't matter.

It is so important that my thoughts will be closer to you.

It will feel as if I am not talking about myself and talking about a common people.

Maybe one of these is you too.

I too a not different from you all.

My country, language,the look, region, maybe different.

But some where,you will feel close to me.

There must be something that will cover the distance between us.

My thoughts will good and impress you.

If we goto a new place . So why do you think so like we have been here before.

While you are seeing that place for the first time.

You meet a person for the first time and it seems as if he has an identity for years.

You like that.

Why does this happen?

Why do you have so much love for an unknown place and human being?

Have you ever thought about it?

Probably no one has the answer,yet we are drawn to wards each other.

Maybe we had a relationship past birth.

Even after being miles away,it attracts us.

Like,we are tied to thread.and he is pulling us towards.

What is our relationship with him.

For a person miles away,

Why does our heart beat.

What's that attracts us.

This attraction belong with the origin of life.

It doesn't end anywhere,as long as there are life cycles.

I will keep sending my thoughts on various topics to you through the article.

If my article is good to you and touches the heart close to you heart then it will be my good fortune.

The more you read the more I will be inspired to write more.

© 2021 Suraj Kumar Mulu

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