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RSD/Crps Type #1 (emotional insight)


Dragon of Fire

Uninvited foe

You came from a shadow

A dark oblivion

Raging hotter than the suns radiant heat

multitudes groan and grovel at your feet

spilling souls on molten glass

billowing dark fueled overcast

To punish and burn is your primary concern.

Searing hands

castrate desire.

Inferno, fire

for hire.

To desecrate and descend youth

in silent quagmire

Extinguishing hope

In the land of smoke

You Muzzle with your mysterious puzzle.

Ancient riddle

You set ablaze the spirit, the psyche

with adoration.

Fidelity to char is your royal coronation,

Unholy Priest

Triumphantly you laugh at all who have died

riddled as the tide

they eternally lay with death their bride.

No chance for lavish dreams.

only soul shaking screams

Your hope is agony and anguish

My heart doth languish

Faceless,mendacious liar.

Mortal destruction is your devotion

Strongest desire,without sight, sound, nor commotion

Unhindered in Rubied oblivion

Crushing faiths champion

Distress is your mistress

Kindled in the flames of unforgiveness.

Fiendish, sadistic gnome, go to your home

Below the charlatan palace

Thou poet of malevolent malice

Choke yourself on sacred manna

Commit Hari Kari by katana

Betrayal is your cradle,

You sneer while you rock,

the innocent with torment,

and impale the gentle and frail.

Loveless deceitful scourge.

Have no illusion

with you scorching delusion,

For I am Mars the god of War

and I will strike you down.

This is not my barren land,

entrenched morass of scalding sand.

Now you will see by the mightiest hand.

of GOD!

© 2009 Michael Achilles


Michael Achilles (author) on December 26, 2020:

I was spitting nails when I wrote this. RSD Crps is a horrible disease. I have endured with love and support from many. Yet still the nights can be long and days filled with pain, but I walk on and pray to Christ often!!!

jay faulk on September 07, 2010:

man i couldn't describe my torment any better than that!!!

Michael Achilles (author) on August 18, 2009:

Thank you Miss Sok. I hate to see you are leaving. I will miss you. Take care little angel....

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Roth Sok on August 18, 2009:

Roth Sok on August 18, 2009:

Powerful and emotional. It painted a picture of destruction and devastation in my head.

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