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Culture on 10


A world approaching the new Matrix sequel, exploring deceitful, humans with hubris unequaled 

At the end of it all by way of the ego, vanity gets a show ticket right up front in the lead row

Constant streams of fake boobs and fake news rules the day on the way in which your displays used

Reality must have left with Jesus, wait, maybe that ain’t true, maybe that was just a template for sinners to relate to

Going through motions to temper the impending scary, imminent adversary pitching incendiary 

Bombs of reality challenging myths and unearthing fallacy, like some holidays with the family are actually oppressive gatherings

But the devil you know makes you feel higher than cloud cover, the one that seemingly rights your tumultuous ship with a foul rudder 

Coming in many variants and forms, to carry its evil diabolical, plan to ease you into volatile  

Chaotic recklessness, where unbridled righteousness beckons less, a state where asunder is mandated and never a second guess

Where in the hell is Morpheus...

Where we point till the finger hurts, insecurity spurts climactic, cell display finger swipes and spastic

Tweets, laced with spirits from tinted bottles, weed, pills, or anything these idiots swallow 

Content creators and scripted controversy, hoping to be your next option worthy 

For internet outrage, driving the let’s cancel crave, on the Autobahn unlimited, through the fastest lanes

Sparking dramatic back and forths and viral bloodletting, adults making 4th graders at recess say “damn, that’s petty” 

How the hell we keep following these bozos like little lemmings, off a cliff into the depths of being affirmed for being pretty

Or being called brave for posting an image, as if revealing your stretchmarks might get you stoned in a village

Or has risk great enough to warrant this hyperbolic nonsense, people want sympathetic responses to their insecure nuances

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So please, don’t feed the animals…

I’m all for human betterment, but I denounce celebs with checkered pasts, crusading like they never did 

A movie for an alleged pedophile, but out in front now vying that so many powerful men are vile 

Shame on the worst men, but those tough positions in which you found a good fit, were career moves made to get you exactly where you sit  

Moral contortionist, trying to be the perfect fuel, but that turpitude you disregarded, wasn’t really worth the fool 

I see a hype train gaining passengers with brands to bolster, the real issues lose the focus when celebs come and soak up

The spotlight to boost followings and mentions, amid the next accusation to push someone within inches

Of male cancelation, trying to castrate ejaculation, shouting no more victims hell, no trail of factual information

Up with women and Asians, then homosexuals get tossed in, down with the patriarchy and non-toxic collateral loses 

Attacking issues with resolve on stimulants, going all the way to the other side instead of finding a middle fit

 Too much of anything can overwhelm but a system tends, to work well when balanced instead of diagonal pans on different ends  

To be masculine may have biological findings, the term toxic masculinity reminds me

Of a girl I once dated, who loved me unabated, helped her esteem get weighted, rebelled, and became expressly jaded 

My ex-girlfriend is a succubus...

There is no savior in these crowdfunded favorites, stop waiting for a black messiah to save us

No more enchanting orators circa 1960s, but we don’t need to redo history as much as we need to be listening

Instead of looking in one body for all those incredible qualities, like we really need to see Malcolm killed again in this economy 

If we could understand that our needs could be addressed without falling to our knees, and making pleas to entities outside of our leagues  

More than enough real information permeating, but we’re still too stuck on disagreeing means “hatin”

And that a following is adjacent to making credible statements, but these personalities aren’t really indelibly laden 

Celebrity skin only looks perfect when our own worth is splintered, remove the filter and that skin more like the earth in winter

So Cardi B shouldn’t be teaching your daughters, who to support when her backside is featured enormous

On her socials, when she’s not shown apt knowledge or handle, of being more than a pawn that panders 

To a devil in a blue suit and adequate speeches, with only on interest in complete grips of ascendable reaches

Leaving you so full of bull, calves are born, getting suborned by demons wearing hats that are hiding their horns 

Cardi’s being used to push the past tense because she’s got 91 million followers checking in on her assets 

I’m not saying you should shut up and dribble, but if you speak in cliches, maybe you shouldn’t so much as giggle

When you get asked about things that may reveal, or expose a field for you unclear, just shut up instead of trying to save your ego’s rear

These are your vaunted champions, sleepwalking while mishandling the issues, looking for Ambien when it gets too, intricate, time for a quick snooze

That’s entertainment...

In two thousand twenty-one, I hope the contribution goes beyond, peaceful protests and hope holding, being angry, and thinking no-win except for acronym slogans

Amenable to those addicted, to being in a sullen state deranged, with sick symptoms of mass hysteria inflamed

So if you think 2020 sucked then contribute to the turn back, to 1900’s Tulsa, where the green dollar had turned black

Instead of being all BLM in various forums, affirming an officer's viciousness, while being the same blacks who don’t take their bucks to black businesses 

If black lives truly matter and have a purpose, then how about a purchase from a black merchant to show we’re worth it 

But they don’t even see my words as attractive; like Cele when Whoopi was acting, rather invest in salacious cultivating practices

But all those Amazon cart clicks could be the heart of the catharsis, be a colorful arsonist, creators of the hottest black bosses

Subscribe to black enterprises that won't settle on content with tropes ghetto, highlighting unfunny jokes and unscrupulous fellows

We have the power to ignite a shift, and take our respect with a deft strip, instead of begging for it as the next gift

We’ve opened the gates to co-op our greatness, we give it away and then claim white people take it

No more excuses when the knowledge sits between, viewing the next meaningless meme or cat video stream

Black business matters...

Covid and switching coded and ad hominin throwing, fractured electoral components, showing sports and showbiz’ biggest moments

24-hour clout chasers and race hatred, transition to everything, guns, bitcoins, and patriots

Opines will get you vocationally supine, glacial decline and partisans arguing, a vaxed nation and gentrified apartments, FDA approval is not always arduous

Pot melting with Fortnite, vegans, apps, and designer vodka and gins

The melting pot runneth over when we go hard, Culture on 10

©Illcat Inc. 7/4/2021

© 2021 Pierre Sledge

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