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The Crown Queen

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One morning in the last month of 1491, a rising purple city on the eastern horizon was spreading a web of first rays. In the mountains of Haboob, the dreamers were slowly gathering their footsteps, and the crowns of snow were shining on the high peaks of Sierra Nevada, Al-Fajara and Al-Hamma.The bustle at Santa Fe's military camp had begun. Queen Isabella was standing on a hill some distance from the royal tent, and in front of her was a dim view of Granada. Sometimes her gaze wandered over the surrounding tents or encampments, to the slopes of Vega, to those long-awaited settlements, where burnt and dilapidated houses testified to the horrors of war, but only for a few seconds. Later this magical city, which she had repeatedly seen from a distance of a few miles, and whose towers and domes had been imprinted on her mind, would again come before her eyes. The first time she saw Granada from this hill was when the sun was setting and she felt that the distance between Santa Fe and Alhambra had suddenly decreased. Since then, the hill has become a permanent tourist destination for her.


Usually when she came out of the royal tent, the whole army of maids and handmaids would be with her, but when there was any mental confusion, she would find the company of her special friends unpleasant and today she is in this condition. When she left the royal tent, only two maids were with her, but as soon as she reached the hill, she dismissed them as well. She worried about the letter from the bishop of Qastla and head of Christian accountability beuro, they strongly protested the ceasefire agreement and advised Ferdinand to immediately cancel the war treaty and launch a full-scale attack on Granada. It was necessary to reply, but Ferdinand did nothing more than take a cursory look at Siemens' letter. The queen mentioned the letter for the third time at dinner, but Ferdinand avoided it by saying that we would consider it in the morning, I am very tired at the moment. In the morning, he had gone on patrol. "Isabella stood near the tent for a while, then she stepped back and sat down on a chair." Suddenly she heard the top of the horse and she got up and started looking to the right. He was Ferdinand. He came to her and said, "you should have rested for a while!". The Queen replied" Passengers cannot rest when the destination is so close, as early this morning I wanted to remind you that ten days have passed, and according to the agreement, it will take us another sixty days to cover the six miles between Santa Fe and Granada.

Ferdinand replied. Queen! Why don't you think that these sixty days and six miles are the final boundary between the life and death of the nation which has ruled this land for eight hundred years. I know that you still have the effect of the letter of the Siemens in your mind, but what does he old pastor know that the nation which we have brought to the brink of destruction, within a few years all the flags of the church were lowered from. It took four centuries to cover a distance of a few miles between the Al-Kabeer Valley, and in those four centuries, whenever his defensive spirit was aroused, he would count the years in a matter of days.
Sat on Isabella said: "I did not mean to disagree with you. I am proud that the hand that is going to extinguish the lamp of freedom of Andalusia is the hand of my husband. I was just longing. If you had read Siemens' letter well, you would never have had the misconception that he does not value your "great achievements." I had read his letter. He wants us to immediately cancel the war treaty and invade Granada.
Fredinand replied, he is just a pastor and I am a soldier who keeps an eye on all situations. He thinks that the people of Granada are dead and now all that is left is to scratch their bodies but to me Granada is still a volcanic mountain with lava still boiling at the bottom.

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Before setting up the church's seat of power at the mouth of that volcano, I need the satisfaction that "that lava has cooled down." It is true that our armies are only six miles from Granada, but the war Before concluding the treaty, I was convinced that our war would now be fought within its walls, rather than on the outskirts of Granada, and that what our armies had not been able to accomplish in years If it is being fulfilled by the hands of the people, then by staying inside Granada, they can break the foundations of the mental siege of their nation. Is it a small achievement of mine that the goal we could have achieved after sacrificing thousands of soldiers is being fulfilled at the hands of the man whom our enemies consider the protector of their last fortress?

Queen said. ” I always pray that the expectations you have placed on Abu Abdullah are fulfilled, but sometimes it bothers me that he has broken his promise to you once, so this It is not wise to trust again

Ferdinand said, the bishop of castile wrote the same thing in his letter. But it's very wrong that I trust him. He's a lazy and lofar man, but I need him. I need it because no one else can do what he has created to humiliate his people. Today, the condition of Granada is like that of a lion who, after being injured, is licking his wounds in a bush. Now, I want to give Abu Abdullah a chance to tie this wounded lion and put it at my feet before I go any further and make the last blow. Queen said, if the people of Granada decide to fight within sixty days, will Abu Abdullah be able to stand in front of their enthusiasm?

Ferdinand replied, "People like Abu Abdullah are ready to fly with every wind and with every flood. He is always looking for some support. When we gave him support, he He also rebelled against his father - and then when Musa ibn Abi Asan took his hand he stood against us. Now there is no other Musa in Granada and Abu Abdullah today He is in possession of what I believe is the guarantee of my victory. He has brought him to a place where there is no way to get back from. We should give thanks to God. Bin Abi Ghassan had sent envoys to the Berbers and Turks. The queen said, "Thank God that your last fear is gone." Those who know will testify that this is Hamid bin Zahra The queen asked anxiously. Is it possible that the Maltese arrested another man as "Hamid bin Zahra" and our ambassador did not feel the need to investigate further? Our ambassador to Malta is a smart man. My only concern is that "the ship we sent to bring the prisoner back is not yet known," said Ferdinand anxiously. You used to say that Turkish warships were patrolling the Mediterranean these days. God forbid that our ship had an accident!

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