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Critical Review Of 'Wild Embers' by Nikita Gill

Simran Singh is a student at Griffith University studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing and art history.



Title: Wild Embers

Authors: Nikita Gill

Publisher: Orion Publishing Group

ISBN: 978-4091-7392-2

Pages: $26.99/150/HB


Nikita Gill entrances her readers’ hearts with magnified metaphors of galaxies, fairy tales and the fire burning within our souls as snapshotted within her poetry. Wild Embers, Your Soul is a River, and Great Goddesses are best-selling books which capture the hearts of her large online following.

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147 poems with individual titles divide the book with accessible language. She gravitates between first to second person point of views within her book. Poetry about space, rewritten myths and fairy tales take up the pages of the book, spinning them into tales of empowerment and rebellion.



Wild Embers is compacted with otherworldly imagery and passion, exploring the fire living within our souls. Her poetry is gripping with easy to understand metaphoric and grandiose language. I loved reading the conclusions she would make to space facts to magnify the significance of our lives. However, there is a lot of repetitive imagery, symbolism, and metaphors such as space-related imagery of cosmos, black holes, and stars. Overall, I would recommend reading this book and give it a 4/5-star rating.

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Identification Of The Reviewer

Beginner critical reviewer, Simran Singh is a student at Griffith University studying towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing.

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