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Creative Writing: Types of Creative Writing? How to Become a Creative Writer?

Creative writing Meaning:

Any kind of writing that takes originality of thoughts and is not based hard facts & figure can be called creative writing. It does not base on facts & figure, it can be imaginative. The purpose of creative writing is not only to entertain the readers but it also educates and informs the reader and share the human experiences, like love or loss.

Creative writing is that self-expressed and originality of thoughts, it is not based hard facts & figure. Let's take an example of a new channel it can't be considered as creative writing because its main aim is to present facts & figure, not to express the feelings of the writer.

If you are looking to be a creative writer then just keep in mind that whether you are trying to express a feeling or a thought, the first thing is to use your imagination.

Any kind of writing that takes originality of thoughts and is not based hard facts & figure can be called creative writing.

Types of Creative writing:

Following are the types of Creative writing:

1. Poetry.

2. Travelogues.

3. Stories.

4. Novels.

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5. Dramas.

6. Paragraphs.

7.characters sketches.

8. Biographies.

9. Prose ( in form of essays, articles, speech, journals )

Traits / Tools of a Good Creative Writer:

A good creative writer constantly tries to perfect his art by the following means:

1. Command over the language in which he chooses to write.
2. A good Creative writer is aware of things happening around him.
3. A good Creative writer has tremendous controls over the vocabulary and grammar.
4. He chooses his words with almost care and sees that there are no unnecessary overlapping of words & sentences.
5. A good Creative writer knows what to write according to the given topic.
6. He chooses words in such a manner that his words become an integral part of the sentence and if the words are removed from the sentence, the same meaning is not retained.


7. Constant Practice is key to successful creative writing.
8. A good creative writing style is lucid and he has a free flow of sentence which are easily understood by readers.
9. There is no sense of ambiguity in his work and people able to connect with his style easily.
10. A good creative writer has got an original style of writing, he does not ape-like other writers nor does he pretend to write in the same manner, his language has simplicity but his thoughts may be profound.
11. Creative writers should know how to edit his own peace of word and make necessary changes before the peace is finally produced in front of the public.
12. Creative writing is basically for self- satisfied & therefore it should contain free flow of thoughts. People should be true to themselves & not bother about receiving public opinion (criticism).

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