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Creating My Own Comic Book Part 2: Udemy and the Xp-Pen Drawing Tablet

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Hello there! My name is Lew Newmark, and I've been reading comic books from DC and Marvel comics for most of my 64 years of living.

The Tools to Advance My Dream

So, after discovering Udemy, I just went wild looking over what the site had to offer, and I wound up purchasing 17 courses and 12 of those courses have to do with drawing comics and using the art program Krita.

Here is the list of art courses I’ve purchased from Udemy…

  • Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course
  • Figure Drawing Foundations: Proportions
  • Discover How to Draw and Paint Comics
  • Krita Basic to Advanced Digital Painting
  • Advanced Digital Comic Coloring Concepts and Techniques
  • Digital Coloring: Comic Style Light and Shadow Made Easy!
  • Manga Art School: How to Draw Anime and Manga Course
  • Character Art School: Complete Coloring and Painting Course
  • A Pro’s Guide to Digital Comic Book Coloring
  • How to Draw Comic Style Artwork-From Sketch to Rendering
  • Comic Book Character Design: Superheroines
  • Digital Inking for Comic Books-Create Amazing Line Art

So, as I write this it’s almost 2022, and I haven’t completed any of these courses at the moment, but I am almost done with the Krita art course and I have a few parts of the Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course completed as well.

I’ve also purchased a drawing tablet…in the beginning of this year…the XP-PEN Artist 22 E Pro, which I have to say I’m very happy with, but there is a problem I have with using this new fangled digital tool…

Getting used to using a digital “Stylus” instead of a number 2 pencil and the standard sketchbook and other assorted tools.

The XP-Pen 22 E Pro

The XP-Pen 22 E Pro

An Inspirational Idea From An Unusual Rock Band

But before I go any further, I think I should elaborate a little bit for you…you see, the last time I actually picked up a pencil and did any type of drawing was way back in 1987 around the time of my submission to Marvel comics of their Try-Out Book, so we’re talking about thirty years since I’ve actually picked up a pencil and put it’s sharpened lead to a piece of drawing paper.

An idea for my comic book comes from a most unlikely place, a band that I’m almost positive a lot of people, in general, either don’t like, or won’t admit they do like, and that band is KISS.

Many years ago, well November of 1981 to be exact KISS released an album called “Music From The Elder” and it was a very different KISS album because it was told the tale of a young man who was fated to be something more.

With song titles that included “The Oath,” “Just a Boy,” “A World Without Heroes,” and my favorite that became an inspiration for what’s to come, the song “Under The Rose” somehow gave me the inspiration for my own self published comic book I’ve named “The Order of The Dark Rose.”

The idea for this comic book is to bring together elements of RPG gaming like D&D, Steampunk, and an element of Anime/Manga for this comic book, and as I’m writing this I am very excited.

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My biggest challenge for this project is actually going to be trying to draw in a style that hopefully incorporates the styles of art from some of my favorite influences for this type of fantasy artwork, and those influences come from Brian Froud and Charles Vess as well as others in this specific field of fantasy art.

So, I’ve begun just today to start using my XP-PEN just to get back into doing some roughs of some comic book characters as well as getting primed to start working on my designs for some proposed characters for the comic which will include the main character, a wizard or druid, or maybe both, a female elf warrior, a dwarf, a cleric, and a paladin.

I’m hoping to start an actual storyline for the comic, and I’m hoping to start putting a timeline together as to when I actually will put a website together for my comic, and I’m hoping to have everything ready to go before the end of 2022.

KISS Music From the Elder

KISS Music From the Elder

All About My XP-PEN Artist 22E Pro Drawing Tablet

So what exactly does my XP-PEN Artist 22 E Pro tablet look like and what comes with it…

The 22E Pro Drawing Tablet has a 22inch 1080P display, with 16 customizable shortcut keys, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 2 Rechargeable stylus's 77%-82% Adobe RGB color gamut delivering vibrant colors and rich detail.

The rechargeable stylus for my drawing tablet is the latest P02S stylus technology, and it provides 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing you to create your remarkable piece with superior control and stunning fluidity.

A full charge provides up to two months of scribbling, sketching, and designing.

The Multi-function Pen Holder is included to keep your pen and pen nibs safe. You can use it as a pen stand or a pen holder, allowing me to take it to wherever I go either in my home or to a different place to do my work.

I think that covers everything that my XP-PEN tablet is able to do. So now that I've covered everything that's gotten me to this point in my journey toward creating my digital comic book...

In part three, I'm going to talk about the actual process I'm going through to bring my comic to life, which of course is actually drawing using my XP-Pen drawing tablet.

XP-PEN Artist 22 E Pro Rechargable Stylus

XP-PEN Artist 22 E Pro Rechargable Stylus

The Multi-function Pen Holder

The Multi-function Pen Holder

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