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Make Those Moments

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We all have a duty to create a life with moments.

Moments that make our heart pound through our chest and make our blood rush.

Moments that make us dig deep into our soul to search for better understanding and purpose; ensuring that our actions embody what we truly value.

Moments that overwhelm our mind and body so much so that we feel the slightest touch and see every spectrum of color.

We must experience moments that yank us to the past and empower us to dare to envision a boundless future.

Those moments that are so exhilarating, petrifying, or severe that we can only actualize and realize the current moment in time. Moments when every second feels as if it’s a century.

We experience moments filled with tears, bliss, apprehension, regret and exultation.

Our lives are filled of moments we wish could transpire again and again, as well as moments we wish we never experienced at all.

Our lives are defined by the moments; moments that we create for one another and those we experience in isolation.

Without moments, we have no mental video library, nothing to reflect on. Our lives in turn become dismal and we become bitter.

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In our final hours we will not reflect on the money we acquired, the size of our house, or our job title. Instead, most reflect on those moments.

It is our duty to create those moments because those moments, define us; there is nothing else.

© 2017 Elise


Nameless in the east from USA on April 07, 2017:

Elise, I won’t repeat the injunction to “be safe”, etc, but would rather take this moment to wish you a farewell (for now) upon your deployment.

In the next year, you will learning new things about the world …. and about yourself. Take this opportunity to grow, strengthen, feel, think and explore. I know many many people in the military and you will, as a reservist, be in a better position to develop skills and your character without becoming jaded.

I hope you keep a notepad handy; you will have some stories, especially about human nature, to write about when you return.

I wish you interesting times Elise, but, and I must now say it, I most of all, wish you to return home to us safe and sound.

Hope you keep up the writing when you return.

Yours respectfully, No Name

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