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No Lid On Covid
Shit Wont Go Away
Stay Home, Stop The Spread
Sleep All Day, Stay In Bed
Mental Health Fading Fast
How Fucking Long Will This Virus Last?
Bored To Death, Death Looks Good
The Best Sleep Ever, If Only I Could
Oh How I Want It, But Stupid Hope Remains
It Can Always Get Better, More Stupid Claims
Never 100% But Even 50 Sounds Fine
To Help Me Deal With The Insanity
Of This Fucked Up Life Of Mine

Not Much For People, But I Still Need A Break
Anti Social Takes Its Toll
How Much More Can I Take?
Thin Grasp Of Reality Losing Grip Every Day
My "Others" Have A Chance To Once Again Come Out And Play
They Aren't The Most Supportive And Tend To Lead Me Awry
They Get Me In All Sorts Of Trouble But
We're Old Friends, Them And I
The Dark Side Is Real, No Matter What Your Opinion May Be
No One Can Handle The Truth Of What Its Like To Be Me

Stuck At Home Is Bad Enough, Stuck In My Head Is Much Worse
All My Issues Versus This Virus, Which Is The Real Fuckin Curse?

© 2020 Mike

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