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Covid-19, You Make Me Laugh!


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.



To those who know me a bit -- and I will allow that "bit" -- a title like the one used for this post is nothing unusual. After all, I have made it my life's business to laugh at all imaginable crap going on in this world.

That includes things where the herd's paradigm dictates a serious treatment, like politics, religion, medico-pharmaceutical establishment, and this overly materialistic collective consciousness.

The story of this attitudinal advantage -- as I like calling it -- is too long, so let me try to give you a short version of it.

Well, being pissed sucks.

Okay, maybe not this short. So, how about if I share with you that for quite a number of years, or call it decades, I don't respond to events in ways that are socially prescribed as "appropriate", but rather in ways that I intuitively see as making more sense.

Take this covid-19 crap. I see it downright insane that authorities, via their obedient servants the news media, as if in some dark passion keep fearmongering and pumping adrenalin into people's bodies -- weakening their immunity to the infection which they are trying to prevent with masks and the rest of the protocol. How more insane and counterproductive could it be?

I am not pissed at them, no matter how pissed I may sound while I'm laughing. They are not worth my nerves, so my laughter is all they are getting out of me.

They simply must see a sharp increase in suicides, divorces, domestic violence, crime -- the usual markers pointing at an increased public trauma coming from masks, social deprivation, and financial uncertainties.

There were pandemics before, and never did it come to this, even though in some years the numbers of fatalities were about the same as now, or even higher. People die for many reasons, and these days it's only covid-19 deaths that are being promptly reported on a daily basis. One doesn't have to be a conspiracy theorist to see something crazy about it.

It's a medical truism that a huge percentage of people get well by placebo effect alone, while trusting in efficacy of the bottled chemical crap they call medicine. So, if the same percentage is supposed to receive protection from these vaccines by sheer believing in them, that explains why they are said not to be 100% effective.

Besides, they are not supposed to be a permanent protection, so look at an astronomical profits coming from every future round of vaccinations.

As for its safety -- does anybody still believe that something is safe "because it has been approved by the FDA" -- like these vaccines are being advertised? Just think about all those lethal or damaging drugs approved by the FDA that had to be removed from pharmacies shelves.

But, this story could go on and on -- while my fingertips are burning to type some rhymed prose for the rest of this post. So, here I go with yet another trio of my imitations of poetry.

Me and Germs

Good morning Mr. Covid -- I said to the bug

welcome, please come in, don't be so shy

not to worry, I'm not on a vaccine or drug

I can't let you stay out there and just die.

My immunity sees you quite interesting

its gentle lullaby will make you go sleepy

you won't even know when you stop existing

well, I hope, you don't find this invite too creepy.

I don't know what Mr. Covid decided

but I didn't have a sneeze for a little sign

he must have opted for other body provided

maybe he's not seeing a promising home in mine.

Oh, there comes another bug

no, it's that little familiar flu critter

what can I do but give him a shrug

not the first one believing I'm a bug-sitter.

This one passes by, probably disliking my smirk

disappearing in body of a pissed looking dude

complaining about the weather like a real jerk

now, bugs loving anyone with a crappy mood.

If you ever happen to hear me sneeze

it must be little dust tickling my nose

don't worry about my health, please

for that's how far it always goes.

Laughing at Foes, Big and Small

I get a delight from laughing at my foe's face

call it a man, call it devil, or call it superbug

well, you may choose to call me nut-case

but with others plugging in fear, I unplug.

A foe that may be some invisible what-or-who

seen under microscope or in his rich mansion

the enemy that's altogether either false or true

but my laughter comes from another dimension.

For there is no true spirit sitting on a fence

not knowing whether to laugh or to worry

no strength comes by staying on defense

which makes our life some pathetic story.

There have been covids before

there will be for as long as we live

but life is not about our survival score

rather about how much joy we can achieve.

So, if a bug is to bring me to my end

at least not like a coward will I die

even if I only have to pretend

it won't be a sad good-bye.

Our immunity is only as strong as we are strong

without one, they say, even vaccines won't do

by laughing at the bug we can't go wrong

how else can I to make it more true.

World Duped Into Fear

After believing that I've about seen it all

in this seventh decade I got a big surprise

while I was witnessing the world's spiritual fall

all turning into chicken farm before my very eyes.

Or, whatever you get by crossing a chick with a sheep

for everyone got scared shitless of this covid-19

a pandemic that made them lose their sleep

something in my long life I'd never seen.

Duped by the manipulating Big Pharma and the rest

with the news media making this incredible noise

they became instant believers in a dubious test

everyone turning into scared girls and boys.

Ever since I'm finding hard to believe

how gullible world is and easy to scare

with any boogieman so easy to perceive

most having a nightmare, few being aware.

People have been dying of ordinary flu

and no officials ever made any big fuss

now "they" came up with something new

making some good customers of all of us.

Trillions must be spent on all this vaccine

with somebody laughing all the way to bank

that's the best global farce that I've ever seen

such an insane and so successful medical prank.

© 2021 Val Karas


Amara on March 31, 2021:

It was a fun to read it.. Thanks for sharing..

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 29, 2021:


I love how you stand true to your convictions.

I will agree that laughter is the best medicine.

It is with stress...that we do let our immune systems get weak.

I'm all for boosting our immune systems.

I do think it's had alot to do with the economy, but this virus is still a real thing. People should understand it & take precautions, but not live each moment in fear.

Life goes on & we should enjoy it!

But I do fear that there are many viruses lurking beneath the surface yet to come & I hope our government and world can deal with them.

I can't wait to read your piece on human beings transforming into better ones.

Take care my friend & keep smiling. Your spirit keeps us all alive.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on March 29, 2021:

Brenda -- Well, if we would talk about those "good ole times" -- nothing was really all that good back then, except that we were young and our hormones of youth were painting everything in more rosy colors.

And even now, as ever before, the old adage about "a glass half full or half empty" applies. In the literature that I read -- a top shelf scientific discoveries in new edge (not "new age") biology, good times are coming, and all this is but a crisis with growing pains of the mankind.

Just like there is something like "herd immunity", there is also something like "herd evolution", and with a new wave of true spirituality getting stronger, at one point it will reach a critical mass, and all humans will transform into better beings.

Maybe I'll write my next hub about it. .As for this corona crap, it will go away when those at top can't hold the economy back anymore. People are increasingly protesting in big masses throughout Europe, and things started to look dangerous to the authorities. Somebody miscalculated -- people of these days are not morons, and you can't fool them for too long.

Otherwise, yes, people die, Brenda, and it's sad, whether they die from a bug or anything else. However, the invisible killer is not the virus per se, but the prolonged stress over the virus -- which weakens our immunity to a point where we may die from anything that we were genetically predisposed for, which could even be a weaker virus than corona allegedly is.

But anyway, thanks again for your nice and interesting comment, my friend. Let's all learn to laugh more.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 28, 2021:


Thanks for sharing your rhymes with us.

That first one about the talking to the little covid bug is cute.

I'd like to think it would pass me by too.

Your second one laughing is true too. We must all have a strong immune system to beat this one, but some of us don't.

We deal with the flu each year, which surprisingly I haven't heard much about this past year.

I have done great so far in not letting it get me down. No sense in trying to hide from something invisible, but at the same time I will do my part in wearing my mask & do my best to protect my fellow man.

Your last one...Well, you are right about someone making a killing at the bank, but who knows if they will live to enjoy it.

Greed has a way of backfiring on people. So if it is just a bad joke, then fate will repay them.

Problem is...it's no joke.

People are dying or losing alot due to this virus.

A friend of mine lost her arm. Many others in the community have lost loved ones.

Sometimes I think the devil hopes to tear us all apart, but God hopes it will make the people in this world wake up.

Maybe we can look forward to humanity again. The way it used to be back in the good ole days when people actually gave a shit about their neighbors.

I doubt that it will ever go back to that...but it was nice back then.

I hope you never have to pretend or say goodbye, but none of us are cowards when it comes to dealing with this uncertainty.

I always enjoy reading your work and this time is no exception.

Stay strong & keep smiling at that bug. We want to keep reading your work for a long time.

Take care my friend.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on March 28, 2021:


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