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A Challenge! Courtesy of Author Karen Hellier

Challenges are Fun! Participate in Rodric's challenge as they come and enjoy the muse of Writing each challenge brings. Express yourself!

Okay, I will be direct this time; I think. Usually, I start these things, articles that is, beginning at some general point and whittling my way to a particular subject. It is in my nature to do it. I notice that I am doing it now as I am typing. Even when I attempt succinctness I come away with the opposite. I suppose I will not stop being Rodric. I like that guy!
No matter. I was going to edit all of that out but I wont. New year, a new approach, right? I had the idea to write a compelling piece about my challenges and perspective for the first article of this year. I went to my platform on Hubpages to begin the deed when I came across a comment in the news feed of one of my favorite writers, Bill Holland a.k.a billybuc.

A challenge has gone out! Bill informed the issuer that he has limited writing time and could not accept it, probably. His comment put the challenge in my feed giving me the opportunity to meet Karen, the one in the title. I meet a number of writers this way, through good old billybuc.

I figured, "If Bill took the time to read the article, it must be worth something. He always has a good eye for encouraging fellow authors."

Okay, besides the advert for Bill this article seems to morph into, it is a discovery of Karen's challenge to write ten articles this month, a challenge I have accepted starting with this #1.

This challenge is a blessing, an answer to an unuttered unexpressed desire I discovered this January 2, 2021.

This is me in my workspace ready to write--in my house robe!


A challenge has gone out!

My Challenge Articles

Karen's article is posted as the first link in the links below. All of my articles display here for the challenge as well. This is the repository for the first challenge in which I took part in 2021.

Now, notice the wording. See how I used past tense? I decided to make it evergreen from the jump so that I will not need to return to edit it as such. That is one key to effective and engaging writing, evergreen-ness, like the tree! It is always fresh. Back to the challenge...

For obvious reasons, this first article is not included. In case I am presumptuous and it is not obvious, I apologize. If you are here, you don't need a link to this article. Maybe I should write ten BESIDE this article. Oh, there goes my evergreen-ness. We will see what happens. You have Karen's article. There is no need to re-invent the challenge, right?

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This challenge is a blessing, an answer to an unuttered unexpressed desire I discovered this January 2, 2021.

Relevant Enough

With the challenge to write comes the challenge to remain relevant in a sea, a world of writers. Is it important to have many followers and viewers to write? This is not just a question for writers. This is a general sentiment when it comes to human existence.

There are so many talented people in the world of varying degrees and levels within those degrees and sections in those levels, and... You get the picture.

We tend to measure life based on the most influential events experienced. We have talked about 2020 ad nausem during that year and will do so until some other major thing boots it to the Annals of Defining Events. Wait for a moment. I will explain further down.

Do I do enough to matter? That is the true sentiment. Another writer answered me for my specific worry, writing, instructing me that it does not matter if I am the best or the worst. What matters is that there is a need to fill and I fill that need for someone, even if I am that someone alone. Thanks, Bill.

I learned that I need to do what I do, writing, running, painting, singing, anything for the love of doing it.. I will reach my audience. There are enough consumers to go around, thankfully. I am not Stephen King, but I am Rodric, '

You may not be the best in your area of expertise or desire, but you always meet the sphere of YOUR influence. If that is only one person right now, it is a challenge to face--growth. Relevant enough is still relevant.

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You know, I used to think everyone does not deserve a trophy. Now, I think that we all do. My spiritual leanings are based on Christianity. In my faith, God rewards everyone who tries with blessings. Everyone's attempts matter and receive an acknowledgment. I decided that we should get participation trophies while those who excel should get participation trophies and excellence trophies! We celebrate the fact that we tried, succeeded, or excelled. There is a reward in the ordinary. No, it is not celebrated but there is the reward of doing.

Average Art, But Art Nonetheless!


I decided that we should get participation trophies while those who excel should get participation trophies and excellence trophies!

Annals of Defining Events

Each person has points in life that helped define us. Major events such as the discovering of the Americas for Europe by Columbus, the flight of the Wright brothers, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or the falling of the Twin Towers in New York City shape a generation and builds on as other major events happen.

In my personal annal, two major world events top the charts. 911 rocked my reality. Standing on the ship of my life, 911 came as a massive wave that nearly turned the ship bottom up! Up to that point, I could not imagine life getting worse. Followed came smaller, individualized events such as the death of loved ones, job losses, moves, births, illness, and more.

The second generational changing/defining event did not occur in a single moment but over the course of 2020. It is the COVID-19 Pandemic. It changed the world. We as a globe of people experienced together a pandemic that brought with it fear and isolation that has not been seen in several generations--since the Spanish Flu!

No, the death percentages to population are not as high as the Spanish flu, but the Information Age has made the challenge of living with all the news inundating us at once fear as though death waited at our doors, each door in our homes!

Ignorance is not bliss in my opinion, but less information is manageable given in tidbits over a period of time. We have news coming toward us from all sectors of the world, and not all of it accurate. Self-moderation is the challenge we face now. The old saying to not believe everything you read applies

As people of the world, our challenge is to live in knowledge and live well. We are not to avoid information or allow every cellphone video or image to shatter our hope. We are accustomed to shocking things happening. My pre-911 self would have reeled at COVID-19. What I wm to understand is that COVID-19 IS someone's 911 or Pearl Harbor. COVID-19 is someone's Kennedy or King shooting.

2020 High School Graduate


Make a Goal. Resolve to follow it!

This is the time! Open yourself to anew challenge, be it writing or some other thing you do. Write ten articles. Paint ten canvases. Call ten family members. Do it for this month of January. Commit to doing something special and allow yourself to feel good about it. Heck! Life is full of things to be ashamed of, right? Why help it along?

© 2021 Rodric Anthony Johnson


Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on January 04, 2021:

Ruby, I needed that challenge! I am so glad Bill Holland commented on Karen Hellier's article. I followed her and took the challenge. My life needed an answer, and God provided it with gusto about what to do next despite the challenges I have been facing. I still have not felt open to write about those challenges yet. Karen's challenge put me a step in the right direction, though.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on January 03, 2021:

I like your enthusiasm, and I bet you can do it! As for me, my muse rules, if she ' ain't ' ready, no way Hosea! Make it happen!

Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on January 03, 2021:

John, we do what we can. I think Karen's motivation is to encourage us to set a goal and make it happen. For me, that is key. I have not had any writing goals lately. I have a number in my head now. You have a number in your head. We can make it happen!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 02, 2021:

Thank for sharing this challenge, Rodrick. I will have to check out Karen's article and will consider participating. Though, I am not sure I could write ten articles in the month. I have already done one, so let's see. Sometimes I get a burst of inspiration but generally, I only manage about one article a week tops.

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