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Cosmic Daze

Keep Your Desires In Check. Temptation Can Twist You Up Throwing You Off Balance. If You Get Caught Up In Your Desires You Become A Prisoner


In A Cosmic Daze

Wicked Games People Play

Pulling You Into The Head

Games Of Their Love.

They Live In A

Cosmic Haze.

They Walk This

World In A

Cosmic Daze

They Pull You

Into Their Confusion

Lacking Love

They Have

Soul Connection

And Drawn Too

A Portal Opening

Connecting To The

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Artic Coldness.

A Narcissistic Twister

You Can Pull Down

The Warmth Of

The Sun And

Give It To Them.

They Will Give You

In Return

The Fires Of


They Call Themselves

God's Of Heaven

And Hell.

And They Think

You're Entertained

By Their Arrogance.

You Forgot To Laugh

And Now They

Are Steaming Mad

At You.

A Cosmic Daze

They Live In

Telling You That They

Owns The Heavens.

I asked Him,

Did He Throw God

Out Of The Heavens?

He Smirks Then Smiles

With A Reply Saying,

There Is No God.

And Whispers In

My Ear,

That Is Why Your

Poor Darling.

Hang Out With Me

And I'll Get You

Castles In The


He Kisses Me

On The Cheek

And Says,

You Can Own

The Universe Just

Get Rid Of Your

God Complex.



John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 21, 2021:

An interesting piece of poetry. Nice job.

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