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The Coronavirus Story

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It's been 2020. Russia. Winter. A young twenty-three years old guy is coming to very small village where he was born, grown, learnt all the basic of life.

The village was that small, so everybody who lives here knows each other, and everything about everyone. It is named Drujba1 and let me name my character Alexander. He is broad-minded, young, beautiful, with blond hair, well-educated, rich, as thin as waiter that running from table to table day by day and as tall as the people who title their heads when they are entering somewhere in case of not bump. The young man is an average surgery. Alexander's parents died as he was 10, his granny passed away two years ago, and he hasn't seen his grandfather since the birth, also he has no friends and other relatives don't even guess about his existence. Exist some men that are not deprive attractive facial features, deep mind, perfect body constitution, richness, but women keep out of them a side. So, my Alexander is the type of these men. But, he does not care much about women and his loneliness at all, what he cares about you are going to know later.

While I was busy showing my character has gone to the house of an old man he's known for a long time. This old man, whose name is Nicolay, after Peter's(Peter is a name of Alexander dad) death often took a little boy everywhere, and learnt him everything he did. In that way, Nicolay became a very reliable friend of the little guy, and he has only one friend, but that friend would change twenty peers. They could be fishing, hunting, collecting mushrooms, talking about everything that was bothering them hours and hours. The small Alexander learnt how to swim, use a shotgun, cut the wish and cook in the whole, learnt everything about the household. But the main thing that he has learnt is how to treat people, so, he never talked to people in the childhood, but he saw how Nicolay communicated and talked to people.

*Knock*, *knock*... *Knock*, *knock* *knock*, *knock* *knock*. Then, sharp and at the same time familiar voice sounded:

"Who on earth is destroying this damn door?"

Alexander stayed at a loss for a few moments, and said:

"It is me, Alexander"

"What else Alexander?" Then in some while of thinking and silence he barely remembered the young guy that he hasn't seen for fifteen years, then slightly changed the voice:

"Why didn't you warn me you would come, young fella?"

"I am glad to see you too", with surprising Alexander to answer.

It isn't already that cheerful with burning yeas middle-ages hard worker. From Alexandre view it was an old grumpy sluggish man. Nicolay still has family and a lot of friends but the old age and lack of the brain activity made him as he is now. Nicolay became extremely fat compared to his young years, now he couldn't go anywhere or do anything without his glasses, but used to Nicolay never thought about the fact he would be wearing glasses. He used to be very careful about hairs, but now he has been left nothing to care on his had, his height seemed to Alexander a ten centimetres fewer, but the old face seemed as the same as his young face, with always running eyes, and frowning brows.

"I notice your house isn't that in order as it used to!" a young guy said with a grin.

However, there wasn't any answers on that and old friends didn't talk to each other any more. They could say "good morning", "the food is ready", but none of them didn't even start to remember aloud about pasttime. Nicolay's family moved from village two years ago, and who left was his big hunter dog, which was too old, so the both old Nicolay and his dog Sharik2 was eating, sleeping and watching TV. The house was in a very bad conditionals as bad as if in here was not light everybody, would think nobody lives in here.

Alexander who went to Drujba to relax from the urban hustle and bustle, to dive in rural life atmosphere, to talk to his old friend, to go hunting, wishing and so on didn't expect to spend time with the old man watching TV in complete silence. Yes, complete silence, because Nicolay never watched TV with the sound. He a got headache because of the TV sound.

So, after fife days spending with old Nicolay, Alexander decided to move on, however, he had to stay two more days as he got a temperature. The young surgery almost never gets ill as he has a very strong immune system. Alexander thought, "It is the acclimatization, I am sure one hundred percent." He saw his "uncle" (Alexander called Nicolay his uncle in childhood), and decided a dive in rural life by talking to inhabitants.

The 20th of February was in the most traditional Russian winter colours: impossibly cold, enormously much snow at the time the sun was very shine and gorgeous. Cold and sun, the day is wonderful. Alexander all morning spent on household, then closer to evening the young fella went to the pub and on the way met one old acquaintance. It was his classmate, Fedor, the type of the guys that skip lessons, bully other pupils, don't care about education at all. Alexander tried to avoid next conversation, but Fedor was as glad their meeting as he immediately invited Nicolay to have a good time and delicious dinner:

"Why don't you come and spend good time with me and my wife, Elena?"

Alexander couldn't help but agree because of his politeness:

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"Of course I will come, what is the address you tell me?"

Alexander has already noticed Fedor's changes, and he didn't seem to be that bully guy who could broke the window or click all day long at your ears just for fun. It wasn't that guy who used to have no friends, and nobody knows what he is thinking about because he rather humiliated than talk.

Meanwhile, a young citizen has already reached the pub and managed to "overturn a glass of vodka". A one man whose face was very familiar to Alexander has come.

"Ohhh, Alexander how what do you do here?", the stranger said in a very joyful way.

"Who the.., who are you supposed to be"?, very calmly, as calmly as it could seem that every day happens to Alexander that one stranger react like that on his appearance.

"Don't you recognize who I am?"

"Have no idea"

"No way, we used to be at the same company"

The company that Alexander hang out with was enough large to remember everyone, and the stranger whose name is Pavel is the type of guy in company who always keep silence and everybody barely knows his name. Also, Alexander used to very rarely hang out as he preferred sitting home instead of noisy parties.

"I am Pavel, we used to hang out together, don't you remember?", with unfortunate said Pavel.

"All right, let's think I recognized who you are, what's now?"

"We can go and take some sweetie partridges tomorrow"

Alexander as if he is shocked by electrical charge, "Of course, why not, we can surely go, but... I have no weapon for that"

"Don't you worry, you are a big guest, so I'll give you everything you need". Let's hug my friend I am so happy you agreed."

He was really happy, things are changed. Pavel hasn't been already that silence guy who just listening, however it seemed that he is a complete loner. That's why Pavel was so satisfied with Alexander's agreement.

So, I assume 6 o'clock will be perfect for morning hunting", Pavel said with the same huge smile and fired eyes.

"Surely", Alexander answered in the short order.

"Well, I am going to prepare the equipment"

"Wait, wait, wait, you forgot about the address"

"Oh, of course, here it is", Pavel showed the address of the forest on the little map he carries everywhere.

Both friends said "goodbye" to each other and as it was the evening Alexander went to Fedor's house. On his way he met one granny, the friend of his grandmother. He said "hello", and continue going.

"Hello, I haven't saw that cute fella here yet. Who are you should be, a new governor?"

"No way, I am Alexander, the son of Petr", in polite order Alexander answered.

"I cannot trust my own eyes, how grown you are", The very old woman almost with tears said very quietly. "Grandson, why wouldn't you come to my house tomorrow, my husband would very glad to see you?"

"Surely, I will come by noon", Alexander said as the same quite as talked the old lady, then he asked for address.

Each address a surgeon kept in his head. Perhaps, he knows every place in the village that he used to be living for seventeen years, and just six years of his life he was missing. So, that's why he didn't write each address. In the interim, Alexander has come to Fedor and Elena.

Actually, Fedor is a businessman, but he never tells anyone much about his business, so, unfortunately, we know nothing about his business. Perhaps it isn't legal.

So, it is an extremely huge house where Fedor and Elena are living in, probably the biggest one in Drujba. Alexander was accepted in the most pleasant conditions. They had dinner, drunk some alcohol and played billiards. One strange thing, and so important in my novel Alexander notice:

"I cannot smell, I don't feel any of the smells, even alcohol as well as a taste of the food..", thought inwardly.

All evening Alexander was expecting something that Fedor used to be doing as he was a proper bully, and even when "old friends" drunk some alcohol Fedor stayed very politely and kind. It was even boring sometimes. Anyway, our character spent good time, and now he is on the way to home.

Surgeon slept not that good because he was suffering from "sense of smelling" question, and if to be more accurately lack of that feeling. He thought it he got a cancer or disaster like that.

Alexander got up early, took some food, poured some tea in thermos flask, got dressed warmer and went to the meeting with Pavel just by the forest. As ex loner guy, Pavel, promised to bring everything that need true hunter he got for a young capital city surgeon. It was one father's shotgun, thirty cartridges as well as some hunter equipment, sunglasses because of it is going to be very sunny and sun reflection out of snow will be extremely hard mislead.

They're spending good time together, but not talking at all. Every time Pavel tried to begin dialogue with awkward questions that always are asked by parents to their children. Sometimes Alexander asked in monosyllables, sometimes even ignored by pretending he sees something that he can kill. However, every feature whether was sleeping or knew that two hunters would be hunting, and Pavel, and Alexander are left without any extraction.

Anyway, twenty-three years old guy enjoy the time he spent with new-old friend Pavel, and in some while he managed to forget about the bothering sense of smelling or rather lack of that sense. By afternoon Alexander has been already going to old lady.

He came and at the time felt himself in childhood, that carefree, well-fed childhood, but without smell at all. The old man strongly squeeze young doctor's hand and loudly said: "Hello young fella, a long time no see, yea?"

"Yes(loudly), but who are you supposed to be?", Alexander thought inwardly.

After some tasty food and soul conversation Alexander found out who they are, and he was even touched by some moments of dialogues. This old residents were a very good friends of his grandmother and grandfather. Firstly in a whole life "young fella" has known so much about his grandparents.

He spent not that much time as a guest and mainly was listening to the stories about grandparents. In addition, he is still worrying about lack of smelling sense, and he has nothing where he could check what it means.

It was only a beginning of coronavirus in China, but Alexander managed to operate one Chinese citizen that came from coronavirus country not that long time ago. A big guest, as a young surgeon was named here, started to going around all people he knows. He has been already staying in the village about a month. Then Alexander decided to visit old friends of his grandparents, Nicolay also died earlier before. The old people were died just fourteen days after Alexander's visit. Fedor and Elen were in the very bad conditional by the same time as the many of the villagers. And at the end Pavel, what about Pavel. Who knows what is with him. He still had no friends, and Alexander didn't know where he is living.

In that way coronavirus born in Russia...


Drujba1(eng.friendship)-is the name of the village.

Sharik2(eng.ball)-is the name of Nicola's dog

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