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Continuation of Padme & Anakin! Chapter Two!

Their story has always inspired hope to find true love. I grew up looking for the same kind of connection that the two of them had.


The Truth Comes Out!

In the Battle Of Mustafar, Padme ran to Anakin with the hopes that everything that Obi-wan told her couldn't be true. She needed to know that he was still the man she had fallen in love with, and not some monster that chose power over her and their children. Once she confronted him though, she learned the truth. In his anger he believed she had brought Obi-wan to kill him. He thought that he was going to lose her for good. After Anakin used the force on her, he fought with Obi-wan. In the end Obi-wan won the battle, leaving Anakin burning on the side of the mountain. Padme went off to give birth to Luke and Leia, shortly after dying from a broken heart. Anakin went off to have surgery done on his body due to the battle, causing him to need his Darth Vader mask and attire in order to survive. That is where they finished off their love story in the movies.


"Well it seems that in your anger, you killed her". I looked towards Palpatine in utter disbelief. "I, I couldn't have, she was alive, I felt it". In that moment I had realized that was Palpatine's plan all along, to turn me to the dark side. He knew that with my new powers and my anger that she would either leave me or I would be the death of her. Turns out that both had happened. She was planning on leaving me once she found out the truth, and in my desperation I used the force on her thinking that I would get rid of Obi-wan and win back the woman that I loved, to make her see reason to what I had done. I had hoped that once Obi-wan was no longer an issue that I could get her to see that I could protect her and our child with the new powers that I had acquired, that we could rule the galaxy with her and our child at my side. I never expected to lose her and our child. After the many surgeries to try to save my life, I had become numb to everything surrounding me. Everything I had done was all for not. All of my plans and hopes were shattered. The only reason I had turned to the dark side was because I couldn't stand to lose her like I had lost my mother. She was my whole world. I had promised to protect her, and I failed her in the end. Turns out I was the monster she needed protected from. On the day of her funeral I couldn't bare to watch them lay her in her tomb, but I hovered above in my star fighter. The sight of her being ushered to her tomb was my undoing. Seeing her swollen belly, knowing that our child had died in her womb shattered what remained of my heart. Seeing her lifeless form holding onto the necklace that I had given her as a token of my love, felt like a slap in the face to me. The funeral process was long. But the barren existence I had waiting for me seemed even longer without her. I couldn't cry, there were no tears left to shed. All I felt in the region of my heart was a dark abyss. After the funeral procession was finished and everyone had left, I landed the star fighter. Each step towards her tomb felt like a heavy weight being placed upon my chest. When I finally reached her tomb, I lifted the lid to stare upon her beautiful face one last time. I bent down to place a kiss upon her forehead, the same as I had always done. Only to be reminded that her beautiful brown eyes would never look into mine with the spark of love, that I would never feels her arms wrapped round me while we embraced, that I would no longer feel her heart beating under my ear when I lay my head on her chest. Next I put my one good hand on her swollen belly, rubbing it gently, and wishing we had found out the gender of our child. Knowing that I had lost the two most important people in this life to me because of my own fears. I bent down to place a kiss upon her swollen belly, to apologize to the both of them for failing them in the end. The next thing I knew I looked around to see the mausoleum around us completely and utterly destroyed by my own hands. I didn't feel anything, nor was I aware that I had even done it. I carefully replaced the lid to her tomb and slid down to the ground. I laid next to her for what felt like hours, but in actuality it had been three days. I couldn't bare the thought of even leaving her, but I knew she was gone to me. I had lost everything, and it was my own fault. But now I had a score to settle. Palpatine knew what was going to happen, he knew the person I would turn into. It was time I finally ended the old Sith Lord and took my rightful place as the ruler of the galaxy. If I have to bare this lonely existence alone, then I will make sure that everyone who defies me pays. The man I used to be is no more, that man had died when she drew her last breath. I am now and for the rest of my days will only be known as Darth Vader, no longer Anakin Skywalker. No longer the slave boy on Tatooine, no longer the young Jedi apprentice to Obi-wan, no longer the uncertain teen who fell head over heels in love with Padme, no longer the man who had wanted nothing more than to become a master Jedi, and now just another broken Sith lord apprentice who is about to end his only reason for losing everything. I laid my hand upon her tomb one last time, took a shallow breath, and walked back towards my star fighter. I had plans to make, one of which would be ending Obi-wan, for telling her the truth in the first place. It is because of him that I lost the other half of my soul. I planned to go home, only to realize that she was my home. There is no where in the galaxy that will ever be home to me again. After leaving the mausoleum, I climbed back into my star fighter and took off. Palpatine is the first I need to rid myself of.

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